Monday, June 1, 2009

Teddy's Day

Sunday was a beautiful sunny day and much of our family gathered to attend the baptism of my son's baby, Teddy. This was my view as I sat behind his mother, Alison, in the church. Teddy was so happy just looking around and doing a bit of his current giggling.
The service was lovely and welcoming. I struggled with my emotions, still in deep grief. It was a mix of wishing Dad could be there to share in this day, and also feeling Jason's loss of his father at a young age. He would be so proud of his only grandchild.
The proud parents.
Everyone walked back to J & A's house where we shared a lovely lunch and company on the deck.
Daughter, Sara and Samantha who had a great time once she warmed up....there were other children to meet.

LM and Kristi
My nephew Nate (14), who the day before, was first to cross the finish line in the Best Buddies bike ride from Boston to Hyannisport. He is a joy to be with always.
Sara's husband, Richie and Samantha
Brother, Sam (Nate's father) and LM deep in a discussion of LM's fishing legislation

Nana (moi), Sara and Samantha

The star of the day.....this is where I found him, as I passed through the family room to make my way home at the end of the afternoon! People all around, he was snoozing away! He is a very loved baby boy.In other news.....yesterday, LM's daughter, "surprised" him with the gift of a cat. He is not happy....after all, he has "Ms G" to love and see whenever he wants and he is not really having the time right now to care for an adult Himalayan cat with unknown heritage. EEEEEK....I am awaiting news this morning on what he will do. The cat was hiding somewhere in his house as of 9 last night and LM was feeling very sad for the poor thing. No doubt the cat could have been given away by its owner for behavioral or health reasons. Stay tuned for the latest drama on that story. We know Meg meant well, thinking her Dad was lonely without Ms G in his house, but he has his hands full these days and is not equipped to handle a cat with all the attention one needs.

Off, to face another helps to center me a little but it takes a lot of energy to stay balanced and smiling. Last night, with a counselor, I tried to put words to what exactly brings on the torrents of grief. We have a little progress with definition, but not with relief. I left there realizing that I must just let it happen.
Thank you to everyone for all the kind words and comfort.

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Anonymous said...

You know what? My mom was in a terrible state with dad at home in his 5th years of Alzheimers. She had so much to do and when I asked her about getting a kitty she had a fit and said absolutely NO! Like LM's daughter, i knew my mother and knew she was busy, but also knew she needed something "good" in her life. Someone to talk to on a daily basis. So for Christmas one year I got her a half grown Main Coon Cat. And he became the love of her life and her savior. Now she has 2 kitties. So, even tho it might not seem like the right time for a there ever a right time for a pet? no would be the answer. So, I'm with LM's daughter. Perhaps she knows something no one, not even LM knows...debbie.