Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Cats Speak

Cohesive thoughts are elusive so my paltry photos taken yesterday on my off-Cape trip to plant flowers at Dad's grave and visit my brother and wife, will have to speak for me. The grief returned, choked my throat and heart, despite the sunny day.
A pretty alium - one of many in Trish's garden.
Lightpost clematis
Sam and Bob....Bob is just way too much love in one feline body!
On the way home I stopped to see baby Teddy and then spent drove on and stopped at LM's. We are both stressed, tired and a bit overwhelmed (the daughter of one of his very dear friends was killed Thurs night in a car accident on Martha's Vineyard....very sad) and we ended up falling asleep in a hug on the sofa and never moved for an hour. I then made my way home, only to be reprimanded harshly by a very unhappy Ms G. Due to heavy fog, Chatham did not have a sunny day and it was cold! I had opened the windows thinking the sun would shine. Here she is in all her glory because Iquickly turned on the electric blanket to appease my little friend.
Here she is this morning, staking her claim across my lap, having forced me to put the laptop aside.
The sun shone beautifully today and I worked for 4 hours at LM's house and finished the cleanout of the upstairs closet.....a very big, bad mess was transported to the transfer station....6 giant bags. A lot of work but cathartic and a job which was impossible for LM.
Meggie came yesterday morning and took away the poor cat that had been hiding in LM's house. I sure hope she goes to a good home. Very sad to see an animal so frightened. LM just could not cope with the responsibility right now. He wants Ms G......she's a hot commodity around these parts.

I continue to ride the waves of grief and some days a life preserver feels necessary on these seas. I know I must experience these times and am trying to be very brave. I took heart at seeing a lot of great beauty and love around me yesterday, especially at the cemetery...the views there are very lovely and I love the ancient trees which grace the site. Conversations with some dear friends and family this weekend helped a lot and inspired gratitude.
On to a new week.

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One Woman's Journey said...

Take Care of Yourself!! I am a caregiver like you - but sometimes you need to just take care of yourself!!