Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just Wondering

Could I possibly be the only woman alive who cannot wear cute summer sandals with that awful instrument of torture between the toes? They just hurt my feet so much!

What is with manufacturers not getting the fact that they have a market here of people who will pay dearly for the right shoe? It is a never ending quest of mine yet for the last 5 years I have been relegated to wearing my trusty Merrell's everyday of the year. Here we are with summer possibly arriving on Cape Cod in July, and I have nothing but my mocs to wear. It goes a long way to increase my social phobia, dreading the fact that one of the clients will call and invite me to a lovely party on the terrace, and I will have nothing to wear on my feet! Last night I was in my local TJM and saw a woman purchasing the cutest sandals. They had a little glitter to them and had a perfect low heel. I dropped out of the check-out line to return to the shoe department and there they were, BUT, I had been blinded by the cuteness and missed the fact that they had that "thing" between the toes. Foiled again. Searching on line has not been successful, although I did see one possibility for $750. NOT for me. LOL

The same thing applies to finding blouses or sweater sets for summer...who they ever make these cheap, flimsy clothes for is beyond me. The search is ever on for comfy yet feminine cotton clothing which does not cost 100's of $$$. The garish thin jersey offerings of late are just awful.

Well, now that I got that rant out of my system.....I will complain about the weather here, another useless waste of energy but here goes. It is now going to rain and be dark and 50 degrees for the next 4 days....I would like a little summer, please. At least this week, I don't feel strange wearing a turtleneck, wool pants and socks, and heavy fleece vest to work.
Saturday promises to be nice so I will be happy for that, as I will be going to plant flowers for Dad where he rests.

Despite all the above complaining, my heart is lighter this week and I am so very grateful for all the help which has come from every direction.

Gift cat is still at LM's!


janet said...

I agree. I can't wear those sandals, myself, 'though they ARE tempting.
I really love that 'knowing' picture of Ms. Graysea that you've posted on the right!
Be well.

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Hi Janet,
Thanks for stopping by.....Ms G is famous for those glances. She is such fun and also my resident comfort giver.

Anonymous said...

Marcia, I have given you "The Kreativ Award" because I really enjoy your writings about Ms Graysea and Cape Cod. I love the photos you take so I can see the place where I would love to visit.
Please check on my Blog...debbie