Friday, April 24, 2009

Weekend's Here

It has been a quiet week, not too productive unless you consider doing some housework on my mind as such. I think I just needed to quiet things down. Creativity is rustling around in at least one room in my head, which led me to pull a book on crazy quilts off the shelf, read it with a new eye, and begin the process, if only in my mind, of planning a project. Progress, albeit, at a snail's pace, but that is how I feel my life is right now, despite the fact that I am busy.

Tonight I baked a rhubarb coffee cake to take to LM's tomorrow to share with him and some guests we may have later in the day. Early on I will go to Sagamore Beach to spend some time with baby Teddy so his mom can work in her garden. Teddy and I are going to go for a walk along the Cape Cod Canal, on what is forecast to be a picture perfect day.

Around midday, I will head to LM's house and work in the garden there. Maybe I will see LM's new cat, Ms. G......seeing she has not come back to me, I think he has succeeded in making her his baby. He claims she will come home this weekend.....heard that story before. I am really OK with it because I can visit her alot, but I do miss her at night.

Meanwhile, from Florida comes a Theo update that finds the little darlin' in danger of being sauteed. Crazy as ever, it seems, he climbed right in to the frying pan, just after it was washed! He is maturing into a great beauty!
Jared had his hands full here......
Happy weekend everyone and I will return on Sunday or Monday with pictures of garden work accomplished, baby Teddy, and maybe some of the catnapper and his very willing hostage.

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Anonymous said...

Been thinkin about this. Since Ms G is not going anywhere and at some point you are going THERE, why not help out some sweet little kitty at the pound, and get a new kitten. This would 1) give you company 2)provide entertainment 3)give Ms G something to sniff over you about...then when you all come together FINALLY, you'll be a fine family of 4...whatdya' think?...debbie