Friday, April 17, 2009

The Island Funnies

Today was a lighthearted day so I thought I would show you some of my favorite funny/quirky moments from the trip.....
I was not sure this photo would even come out as we were inside Preachers Cave in N. Eleuthera. This cave is at the site of the original landing point for the settlers of Eleuthera. As I took this shot I was looking directly above my head at the "eyes" to the sky. I love the end effect, as those "eyes" seem to be looking right back at me. Maybe the face of a giant?? It was a fascinating place and is preserved as a park area.There are chickens EVERYWHERE on the island, even in restaurants, and it was like old home week for this daughter of a poultry farmer! This shot was taken on a side street in Governor's Harbor.
More chickens at the Buccaneer Restaurant in Governor's Harbor....great cracked conch here! They do not cook the chickens.
Mother hen with her chicks on Cupid's Cay. We had to wait for them to cross the road - she did not tell us why!Vegetation is so lush on the island and it grows out of rock and many other seemingly impermeable surfaces. Flowers make their way up through the cement of Anne and David's front steps and porch. The top plant is an orchid.
David went diving and fetched me a lobster and of course he made me hold it up for viewing. Very different from New England lobster, but tasty prepared with butter and garlic.
Eleuthera is famous for its wild dogs which are affectionately called potcakes. They are everywhere and are mostly friendly. The name potcake comes from the fact that they are known for calling at the backdoor to be served the "cake" which forms at the bottom of pots in which the Bahamians make their famous peas and rice. This handsome potcake came to see us as we had a lovely lunch at Tippy's restaurant in Palmetto Point.
Another one of Tippy's potcakes...obviously tired. He'd been swimming at the beach just before he came to our table to see us. Fortunately he did not shake on us!
Golden coconuts growing at the island farm near Governor's Harbor
When we traveled south on the island one day, we saw laughing gulls everywhere and their hilarious cry filled the air. These two were right in the center of town at Tarpum Bay.
While touring Harbour Island on our own golf cart, we happened upon this crazily decorated cart.

One early evening we set out to go to a beach to collect seaglass. We drove down a very rutted dirt road through old farmland, no one around for miles, and as we reached the beach, we found Eleuthera's version of a phone. We tried to make a call but the line was busy! We did find amazing seaglass.
After several drinks at the Rainbow Inn, we happened upon this scene and thought for sure it was a hallucination. We kept going.

On the way back he/she continued to graze, not concerned about cars, etc. As you can see, animals (there really are very few) have no bounds on the island.....come to think of it, neither do many natives and visitors!On the next to last night, David surprised me with a fashion statement. An outfit his father has carefully preserved since the 70's. Very retro and straight out of Miami Beach.
We laughed alot and it was such a great part of my visit.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Goody - more pictures! What an interesting stories. I like the Potcake dogs and also about the animals roaming free. Bermuda has the same thing. They have these beautiful brown/reddish chicken who are protected by Island laws. The have fancy feather pantaloons! They also have nerve racking screams that sound like a child screaming from abuse. I love the outfit David was wearing - very cool! I enjoyed all the photos!! Thanks for sharing! Glad to read your having a good day...debbie