Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sweet , Gardens and a Visit with a Queen

A lovely weekend in this beautiful place and there was sweetness all around. Actually the first two pictures below were taken of my dear granddaughter, Samantha as we enjoyed some Mexican food a week or so ago. She is very sweet, funny and engaging and I miss her every minute I am not with her.The weekend began quite early on Saturday morning with a drive to Sagamore Beach to be with Teddy for awhile so his Mom could work in her garden. Teddy was ready to have a bottle and a little nap (I was ready for a nap, too after waking at 4 am), so we enjoyed some morning sunshine in the chair and both had a snooze for about an hour! Alison came in and got this shot just as we woke.
Taken from my perspective as Teddy napped in my lap.
Next it was time for a walk. Poor Teddy looks like he is a bit unhappy here, but I think it was just the bright sun. We walked for an hour along the Cape Cod canal. Pushing the carriage at a brisk pace in the biting wind warmed me up quickly. Many deep breaths and the happiness of being with Teddy in such a beautiful place, ate away at the grief.
I found wild violets blooming everywhere in their neighborhood.
Back at Teddy's house, and a view of Alison's garden. Cutting in to a steep hill to create their building site, it was necessary to have a wall, and Jason built this rock wall by himself. Alison has created lovely gardens all along the top and cascading down through the rocks. The ground flox are looking lovely right now.
Around noon it was time to get myself to Lou's house to begin the gardening. There is a lot to do, and after 5 hours Saturday and most of the day yesterday, I have accomplished so much and opened up some area that had become overgrown. Bob had created many little sitting areas in his garden, and I had him heavily in my mind and heart as I uncovered the special little areas he loved. There is still much to be done, and I think I have found my way to heal.
This is a terrace at the back of the house and a lovely private area where a table and chairs sit now, waiting for us to enjoy tea and shade on warm days.
Front steps pansies. The ivy is closing in and will eventually be trimmed radically to avoid growing on the house as it would like to. There is work to be done next week along the front fence. Scraggly roses are there now and I will replace those with new roses that will cascade on the fence.
A sweet spot as you enter the back garden/terrace area from the driveway.
Pansies at the backdoor for Bob.

And, last but not least, the one glimpse I had of Queen G on the weekend. She made a brief appearance to have some you can see, they are placed on a fleece blanket on the sofa, so she can dine in full comfort. Looking regal, don't you think?
That was the only glimpse I had of the dear one.....she is afraid I will try to make her go home in the carrier....brainwashing is complete. I miss her.....


Beverly said...

Don't you miss her at home? I loved the rock wall, and those flowers looked so pretty. Grandchildren are so cute...don't you just love 'em so...

Anonymous said...

Looks like you were one busy woman this weekend! Your grand kiddos are ever so cute - like mine. The back yard shots of your daughters and Bob's were really pretty. I am confused as to who Bob is or was. Your dad'd name was Bob right? We had a busy weekend here too. It was really hot...89 on Sat and 91 on Sun. We had a lot of outside stuff to do but found that at the age of 60 we can't take the heat and work we spent Sat. afternoon putting porch furniture together...what a job...Today was 91 and so got again. I bought some beautiful colorful flowers for our porch out back and they look so so pretty!! Glad you were kept busy so you didn't have time to let yourself get caught up in thoughts....debbie

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Oh I do miss my little gray friend at home! Strangely, though, I am not sad about it as she and LM are having such fun and I can see her. He calls me OFTEN to give me reports etc, and she has company most of the day whereas, I am gone all day.

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Bob was LM's longtime very close friend who died just a month before Dad did. LM lived with Bob and took care of him for the last year and a half. The estate was left to LM but still in the probate period. Bob was such a nice man and I became very fond of him, too. The three of us had so much fun together....we miss him and as I work in the garden, I know he is very happy to see his place being loved and cared for.
We are getting the very warm weather for one day today! Beautiful morning here...M