Sunday, April 19, 2009


Yes, I believe it is time to just face the fact that Ms G has been catnapped. It is a daring, yet subtle plot, which has taken her to a new home. Under the guise of a promise to care well for the little diva while her Mummy was basking on the island, she was moved to the perpetrator's house. Three weeks later she remains there and shows no signs of coming "home."

Now, I am fully aware that there is an ancient law on the books in Massachusetts that a cat may decide where his/her home will be, but there seems to be some coercion in this case. There are many sunny spots available, each kept supplied with a fresh supply of "kitty crack," aka known as Whiskas Temptations (an evil plot against cat owners if I ever saw one), there is an ever available lap at her disposal, and a 24 hour playmate, willing to rough-house, just the way she likes it, and there is a certain someone who will not get out of bed in the morning until kitty cuddle time is deemed over by Ms G. Sounds like an evil plot to me.

Sadness prevails here at Chez Graysea and she is evermore conspicuous in her absence. She is needed here these days for her amazing ability to take the clouds from any day. Grief is giving me many such days right now.

Overnight I visited the place she is "held hostage" and the little darling was very loving to me, as long as I was in a prone position. The brainwashing process used by her captor, has rendered her terrified of me the second I am on my feet or near the door. Her captor, aka LM, claims she must go home, and soon, but he reneges on his promises. He truly does need her, I concede, for now. Maybe this week.

Anyway, it was lovely to be with my furry friend and my love, and we got a lot done. I planted and did lots of pruning.....put in pansies and did some lovely pots for the steps in memory of Bob.
We cleaned and we shared a nice dinner and an hilarious movie "Death at a Funeral." It is a laugh-out-loud funny British comedy.
From feeling very low on Friday, I went to feeling energetic and happy. Each day is a gift, even if my dear gray friend is "captive."

P.S. She's a happy little prisoner!


Anonymous said...

You can't see the forest for the trees, my friend. The answer is staring you right between the eyes, yet you remain blind...The simple, quickest and most logical answer is to move in with the both of them and YOU my friend, WILL HAVE THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!...debbie

Cape Cod Kitty said...

LOL, LOL....ah, Debbie, you are so right. Not quite that easy, though, as we want to wait until the estate settles, making Lou the rightful owner of the house. I am afraid to leave my place until then and want to be protected legally. It will all be done within a few months and we are hoping then to make the move.
It had not occurred to me, though, that Ms G was "herding" us together. We always comment on how she herds us to get us to do what she wants, such as, GET UP, FEED ME, SIT DOWN AND MAKE ME A LAP, etc. She's a little manipulator!
Love to hear from you!