Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Still Catless in Chatham

Dear Ms G, the lovely little blog namesake who used to live with me, has moved herself over to LM's house and settled in with a flourish. LM claims he is "unable" to capture her, although, I suspect their love affair is very serious and enduring, and they both wish to continue co-habiting. Meanwhile, here I am in my eerily silent house, thinking I see her walking into rooms or hear her in the night.
My heart is warmed by the fact that she has really become so attached and trusting with LM. Ah, what to do - Let her stay there, as I will be moving there at some point anyway? Call Judge Judy?
Actually, we are having a bit of fun with it all. She is a wily critter and the very second we make a move to pick her up, she vanishes. I do suspect that LM does not want to be the one to do the dirty deed and put her in the carrier.

....and, on the serious side of life, I am reflecting on the memories of "the island" and trying to process the grief for Dad. It comes over me in waves of tears, sometimes onto soft feelings, sometimes onto jagged cliffs of pain. Just as on the island...many beaches are flat, soft and perfectly peaceful, and the others are ruggedly absorbing repeated hits from huge rolling waves.
It is a process, I am just coming to know, but really, can one know? As I give myself permission to just feel it, here are some photos of the magical mystery tour I experienced
on enchanted Eleuthera. Here is a link for my daughter and son-in-law's house

My beautiful island host and hostess at the island farm where we got lovely artisan breads and organic produceThe view from their porch where we endlessly stared at the ocean by day and gazed at the stars and moon by night
The door to my room. This doorway framed the rising sun in the morning
My room.....peace and the scene of many naps!
Casuarina trees at Alabaster Bay Beach (Coco di Mama resort) - Caribbean side of the island.
Surf at Preachers Cave Beach - Atlantic side - N. Eleuthera. Here I stepped into the beautiful tropical waters for the first time!
Sunrise from the porch
Mother and daughter...seemed to be turquoise day
Near the end of a day, after dinner, Island Kalick beer in hand, we set out to discover hidden beaches on the Atlantic side of the island.....reminds me of Ireland
The ubiquitous bougainville adorning a sweet house on Harbour Island
More interesting and beautiful Harbour Island foliage.
Anne and David generously treated me to a very elegant lunch at this posh Harbour Island resort....Coral Sands. More on the island food in another post.
The Governors Harbor my opinion the most beautiful building I saw. It is at Cupid's Cay.David at cliffs just south of their house on the Atlantic side. There are caves in the center. Was he considering a jump? He may have at one time in his youth.

Enjoying a Bahama Mama at the hurricane bar in the Rainbow InnClub Med beach. There used to be a thriving Club Med on the island but it was wiped away in a hurricane in the 90's. This beautiful beach now remains virtually empty. We spent a magical afternoon here being served drinks by our own personal "cabana boy" aka, David. We also took a lovely walk.
Looking down on Gregory Town which is just north of Rainbow where A & D have their home.

Plumbago blooming just outside the door to my room and next to the delicious outdoor shower which we used every day, another first for me!The brightly colored porch of Pam's Island gifts in Gregory Town. Pam is a friend of Anne's and she makes lovely jewelry from sea glass and shells such as conch. I made some acquisitions here!
Saying good bye on Sunday.....A & D sit on the top step saying one last good-bye to their haven.
An aerial view of their subdivision as we flew away from the island. See you again, Eleuthera.
PS. Tonight LM promised to get Ms G home to me ASAP....he knows how much comfort she brings me. It will be nice when we live together. MMMMMMM!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the delightful trip around Eleuthera! What a beautiful Island it is. I'm going to have to look it up on the map. I really have no idea where it is...only place I know is where Bermuda is: my favorite spot on earth! But it looks like I could very well like this Eleuthera too!! I especially liked the sipping yummies on the ocean. Love to do that!!

I hope you get Ms G home soon. I know you must really miss her...and I hope things work out that you and LM can move in together real soon.

Time will help, but his sweet memories will never leave your heart, that's the good part...debbie

Anonymous said...

I forgot to tell you that you and your daughter look alike - she is really pretty and looks like she'd be a lot of fun...time for bed...nite t nite...debbie

Anonymous said...

I forgot to tell you that you and your daughter look alike - she is really pretty and looks like she'd be a lot of fun...time for bed...nite t nite...debbie

One Woman's Journey said...

I am breathless and you leave me with a longing to once again visit an area like this. The pictures beautiful. Your daughter beautiful and you beautiful.
Rested, tan and peaceful you look.
I would love to visit this area, rent but need a traveling companion.
Who knows!!!!!!!

Anne said...

What a great photo's......such a special trip, and what a cute cabana boy.