Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Another scene from my walk with Teddy on Saturday.
Is it just me coming out of a very dark period, or does forsythia seem unusually beautiful this year?

Ahhhhh....there is a glorious sunrise, birdsongs are wafting on soft breezes, and it will be a warm day. For a brief moment, Chatham will have a taste of early summer weather!

Just a message from my healing mind this morning. Being in the garden, my "church," over the weekend has given me clarity revealing a vivid sense of renewal. Things seem comfortably in their place right now in my world, even if Ms G is still with Lou. It is OK and perhaps that is how it should be. Lifting the many layers of overgrowth and brush from Bob's garden will reward us with the fruits of many years of labor, and bring us beauty to enjoy. No matter how much "stuff" got piled onto the garden, its need to bloom could not be denied. After a day of rest, I can clearly equate it to my place in life......

In other areas of renewal, Chatham is waking from Winter. Many, many people are here and the shops seemed really busy over the weekend. Nice to see. Also, as we attempted to make a dinner reservation on Saturday night, everyplace was very busy. Either people are eating out to soothe their worries, or the economy is waking up, as well!


Anonymous said...

Pretty photo. Ours bloomed about 2 weeks ago. The tree blossoms have lasted so long this year, as we have not had rain to ruin them and the weather has been...hot...we are to get rain this afternoon so I have to get my errands done early today. Can't dillydally...debbie

Beverly said...

to me, i love the header, awe, the beach. I also wish I was in
chatham with you on your walk. I had another dream of my ex-husband last night. The one I was in Chatham with.