Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Now reality begins its way into the souls of those left behind by Allan's death.  There is so much gratitude for the Dad and husband, yet now the harshness of his absence begins to seep in. I know all too well the feelings of not being able to pick up the phone and call one's Dad, or mother, and it weaves in and out of the consciousness, wreaking havoc for a really long time before it becomes softer. Knowing my beloved daughters are on this journey is doubly hard, and there is no way to relieve their pain.  Life is moving on, jobs and everyday lives are restarted, as stoic faces lead one along by rote. They'll build strength and new appreciation as time carries them forward, yet the pain will show in many ways.  My hope is they are lead to deep compassion, clarity, and understanding of themselves and others, and may they most of all see the imperative to care deeply for themselves first by nourishing their souls with good thoughts, healthy living and observing nature, the source of all healing.

A very sincere thank you for the caring and love extended to us during this time.

My health is returning and I am back to work full-time feeling stronger everyday. 

Love and peace to all!!


Judy said...

What is the right thing to say to them? "I loved your Daddy too"--probably not, but....I wonder how I will react. Maybe I will go first and not have to go through that time?

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Judy, fortunately, my girls knew how much I loved and cared about their father through the years. Just in little ways. Whenever he would visit from FL, we would get together and catch-up. We shared much more than our brief marriage, as our families had been friends. There is just a thread of love that exists with your first husband, at least for me....This is a time I never thought I would have to go through.

Balisha said...

Hope you are having a happy day today.

Wisewebwoman said...

I hear you, your previous post inspired a conversation with Daughter.

I'd venture that there is still affection between her dad and I except our divergency, not least in political stances, has caused a huge divide.

But LOL he's a friend of mine on FB.

All healing and good thoughts to you and your family.


Retired English Teacher said...

This is so beautiful. Your desire for healing that grows the soul is eloquent. Blessings on your daughters.

Sharon said...

I read this and thought about it. I read your words again and they have been on my mind since. My daughter and I often talk about how different families make it work and yours is a wonderful example of how everyone benefits when it does. Then when you suffer a loss you can be there for each other. May each day be a bit easier than the last ~