Monday, February 24, 2014

My View from the Couch.....and, We have Progress.

As most of you know, I've just spent more than a week at LM's house recovering from pulmonary embolisms subsequent to having the flu and pneumonia. A lot of that time was spent tucked in to a quilt on the couch with LM next to me in his chair.  A certain gray furry critter spent a lot of time on his lap staring at me.  Once in awhile I was graced with her presence, but she's pretty loyal to her man.  At night she did give us equal opportunity cuddling. Sweet girl......and today when I packed up my things and came back to my house, it was really bittersweet to leave her special brand of love.  Many of you may not know that years ago, Ms G was my cat, before LM came on the scene and stole her heart. We'd lived together for about 7 years, when she went to stay at LM's house while I attended a reunion of my sisters in Seattle. When I returned, the love affair had intensified to the point that I couldn't in good conscience, take her back to my house. With struggle to get her into a carrier, the ensuing howling and hyper-ventilating, and loving my dear LM so much, plus knowing I spend 2-3 days a week at his house anyway, I let her have her way.  LM still feels an element of guilt (faux), but there is no doubt that no cat could be loved more. Today when I left she was nestled under the quilt in the spot where I slept last night.

It is nice to be back at my house - really only a short drive from LM, but is easy for me while I remain working full-time so near my house.

After a weekend of rest, I felt pretty energetic this morning and was nervously excited to be at the morning appointment with my physician to hear her news about my health status, and the results of the ultrasound done last Friday. The news was mostly good, and the test showed my spleen is working extra hard to process the large blood clots in my lungs. By 11 am I was nearly out of energy, so her news that I may not return to work for at least two weeks and must continue to rest, was not a surprise. She's also anxious about what the pulmonologist will have to say on March 4 - me, too. So that is my news....continued rest and monitoring!!  Fingers crossed that LM and I will be resting on a beach on Eleuthera, as planned, a month from now!

After a lovely warmish weekend that brought me the opportunity to be outside a few times and breathe in approaching Spring, we now have Winter returning full-force, but I will be doing what I'm told and resting at home - maybe sewing. I am planning to sew some valances for my sitting room from a nice remnant someone gave me a while back.

Ever grateful for all the love and caring, I wish you peace, love and maybe a glimpse of Spring.


Kittie Howard said...

Thank heavens you're out of the woods and re-gaining your strength. You've really been though a lot so please, please don't push yourself.

I totally understand about Ms G. Chena was my cat until she discovered Dick's thigh. She'd stretch out and watch basketball with him, her head bouncing with the ball. It was six years the 26th she left us . . . still mourn her. She was some Dame!

Judy said...

Ms. Graysea reminds me of my Buddy cat. He is hefty also, but so loving and happy. He sits on my lap, his head resting against my chest, with his right paw up by my neck and just looks up at me with such love. I have never had a cat like that. I hope you get really better because you cannot fly with embolisms!! You might have to put off your trip until next fall--it is probably beautiful there in the fall too?

debbie said...

Great news!! I'm sure all will be ok in a months time so you can go on vacation. What a beautiful place to go! I'm envious. You rest up and get real strong!! I'm sure Ms G enjoyed/s your company while her man is out working!! ...debbie

Retired English Teacher said...

This is wonderful news. The healing powers of rest, love, and lots of cuddles are working.

Sharon said...

I thought there was something special in Ms G's relationship with you and LM. What a great story! Rest, rest, rest until you can rest no longer...then rest some more. Glad to hear you are feeling stronger and following doctors' orders ~

Thank you for your kind comment over at my place. It is validating to not be the only one.