Saturday, February 22, 2014


Several weeks ago, while still fighting pneumonia, LM and I took a drive around to several of our favorite places. He was kind enough to be indulging my need for distraction and a sniff of fresh air. We are forever finding crazy shapes in clouds, and other sorts of nature's creations, and this cold and partly cloudy Sunday afternoon took us to Sesuit Harbor in Dennis.  Sure enough, at just about the same time, we found an alligator head/mouth lurking about on the banks of a creek. Ya, just never know! 
Just a little laugh on another day of forced rest and waiting for the results of last night's ultrasound.
It is a glorious sunny day here and while the "cat" (LM)  is away, I have windows open and am enjoying some wonderful fresh air....Ms G is loving it, too. She's been following the sun around.

May peace, sunshine and love be following you around today, as well!!


debbie said...

It's a glorious sunny warm day here! 61 degrees!! Imagine that will ya'!!! had to laugh at the alligator. Before I read your post I thought of a alligator skeleton bleached white...only to giggle as I read what it was!! Hope your not going too bonkers having to rest so much...debbie

Retired English Teacher said...

We had wonderful weather here today. The wind was present at times, but it was not as bad. Breath all the fresh air you can.

Balisha said...

Hope you're feeling better everyday.
Note new blog address:


One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Every day
feel better
wishes to you..