Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Gift of Light

As I am contemplating this season, I am realizing that each year of my life, I have viewed it in a different way. In my formative years, this time was filled with magic, close family events, sharing, and, with my siblings, attending church. Christmas was my favorite time to be in our beautiful church. The decorations, the candlelight, and the excitement of Christmas morning causing a tingle down to my toes. As I left home and began my own family, I drifted away from many of those customs, but never forgetting them and the tenets imbued.
That time is indeed very far away now, and a 50 year trail  follows my checkered path of faith.  Darkness, cynicism and dread would fill the time leading up to the holidays, and the stress of people pleasing was crushing to the point that my attitude became seriously negative, then that would skyrocket me into a sure period of depression come the New Year. I let my children down in those times, and mainly myself. Now, that's all behind me, and I have come to terms with a faith that makes me feel whole.  A simple belief in an all-compassionate power greater than  myself,  and in the universe, to bring love, goodness, and healing through beauty. Believing thus, I am empowered to take much better care of myself and this precious place we call home, and to know a kindly and compassionate spirit toward all is the answer. As this evolution of thought has taken place, I am so grateful that I could see, open my heart, and treasure the gifts that are around me everyday.  Most of all my family and friends!!

My favorite part of this season now is the light and the hope that abounds in so many forms, even in the darkest time of the year.

To send you a gift of light, I took a drive around town last night in the fog.  Some interesting results. The town was virtually vacant (so unusual for here) and I could feel a magic, once more, as my heart filled with delight in the light. I love the way my very inexpensive little camera captured the light through the magnified fog.
 I pass this sailboat several times each evening on my travels back and forth to tend my boss's dogs. it is on the front lawn of a local boat company. 

 A 10th of a mile away is this "gift" boat at another local company.
A fish lights the way at an art gallery near my house.

 Frosty lights up the lawn at our Village town hall.
 Our bandstand in Kate Gould Park
 A Village icon
 Simpler the name  and architecture of this home decor store.

 Our Coast Guard Station and Lighthouse...At this point my back was to the open ocean and, in what is  usually a  crowded area, I was alone in the very deep fog.  I love the starkness, and the guiding light.

 This window has delighted me many times this year. A lovely gift and home shop - Tale of the Cod.
                                                                Green-themed feather tree.... 
 Peace on Earth
 The Hope Hospice tree on the library front lawn. Earlier in the week I saw the dedication and lighting ceremony at this tree, as relatives and friends honored the way too many who succumbed to Alzheimer's Disease this year.
 The next four photos are the windows at one of my favorite dreamy shops, Pentimento.

 Our village Christmas Tree just across from Pentimento
The Nickerson Art Gallery all sparkly and beautiful local work.
Sending you all love and wishes for a beautiful, peaceful and light-filled celebration!
LM, Ms Graysea, and I will be celebrating tomorrow with LM's children (dear Lm is doing all the cooking and planning - what a gift!), and on Sunday we will have a Christmas with my family - one with some very special guests who are making a long trip to come "home."  I will be back with details and photos next week.


Lois Evensen said...

Beautiful! Merry Christmas to you and yours! :)

Judy said...

You live in the very coolest place on this earth!!! Hope you are having a great time this weekend--I'm cross stitching, LOL.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

It is wonderful
that we can grow
and change
as time goes on.