Friday, December 13, 2013

Little Miracles

It is very cold here today, and when I came back from lunch, the sun was coming in the window at just the right angle to warm the seat and back of my desk chair. Lovely start to my afternoon!
May you all have rays of sunshine to warm your soul this day!

A busy weekend is about to launch. Tonight is our company Christmas party, tomorrow I am thrilled to be taking Samantha to see The Nutcracker ballet. That will be followed by a stop at a Christmas open house being held by friends, where LM will join us. Next up is a snowstorm!!!  Could be a warm and cozy day on Sunday as the storm continues.  I'll be tucked in with LM and Ms G.

Happy weekend to all!!


Balisha said...

Enjoy your lovely weekend. We are expecting snow too. Sounds like a cozy time for both of us.
Have fun...making Christmas memories

Judy said...

A cozy time inside for most of us, it appears. I shall be watching basketball games, crocheting and looking at cross stitch patterns for my next project. Sounds like a good weekend to me.