Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Very Construction Birthday Party

There was one very excited 5 yr old, waiting to greet us on Sunday as we drove up to his house, but first we were greeted by the proud Daddy birthday surprise. Jason brought the company front-end loader and parked it perfectly to announce there was a special boy about to turn 5.
Big toys charm little boys....

Teddy was a wonderful host as he eagerly welcomed everyone at the door.
He was beyond excited
As I tried to get him to pose for a photo,  he said, "wait, wait, Nana, we have to get my friend, Sidney, too"
Me thinks he is a bit smitten by Sidney!! They stayed together during the whole party.
While Teddy continued to greet all the guests, Alison was busy putting the finishing touches on the "construction" gala, and LM and I helped to set out snacks for the adults. The dining room table is ready to host 17 carpenters.

Dear Woo! (LM)
Sara watching Teddy greet his friends at the door.

A party favor "lunch box" for each of the revelers.
The day before the party, Teddy had helped his Mum to begin Christmas decorating. She always displays her pretty Village houses in the living room transom windows.
Pretty and wintry
More guests arriving...the boys in the blue hats are Mac and Mason, twins, and great friends of Teddy's
Alison begins organizing the crew in a game of construction with marshmallows and straws.
Teddy gazing at Sidney
This project interest lasted for a short time, but Teddy enjoyed his role as crew chief.

Samantha building her marshmallow house
Pensive poses amidst the celebration
More marshmallow creations
Interest waned on that idea and they began to wander....and graze the food.
Construction equipment and vehicles everywhere.
Next up was a game of musical dots. When the music stopped they were to land on a dot and stop.  We did not have too many in compliance and the game became quite hilarious.
A little mid-party meltdown when all the excitement overwhelmed the celebrant. Didn't last long, though.
Time for cake, and quite a cake it was. Alison "constructed" this masterpiece and it was a huge hit.
Rock candy and crushed Oreos were a great idea!

Lighting the candles
The proud Dad, Jason, who worked so hard to make this party come together.

Time for presents just as the Pats game was near the exciting end!
Teddy had  lot of help opening his exciting gifts.

Sidney, ever at his side, Teddy opens a great gift from his great aunt, Eleanor.
Thank you, Aunt Eleanor......
There was so much action that I hardly got a photo of this construction clock with his name on it. A gift from LM and moi.
Soon all the attendees had departed with their wonderful parents, and I looked down at my feet to see this cute little party-buy, inside one of the huge gift bags, rolling around in hilarity.
A delightful time was had by all, and most of all by the cutest little carpenter, ever, our dear Teddy....5 yrs old!


Balisha said...

What a cute post. He must have had a wonderful time. They all look so well behaved. I love the cake...good job.

Judy said...

He should be smitten--Sydney is gorgeous!!! My Mother used to say that every child cries at least once on their birthday's--it's from over stimulation I suppose.