Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Post Thanksgiving

Having the day after Thanksgiving off was such a gift....I rested, and took my car for some quick service and just enjoyed being by myself, as LM was working.  I also managed some cuddle time with Ms G.  When LM arrived home he brought a nice container of fresh sea scallops which we thoroughly enjoyed as dinner that night. We do love seafood, so much and these were perfectly fresh and sweet. Now that I have everyone salivating for some scallops, I will distract you with the photo below....
This critter was staring at me all day Friday....he is one of LM's salt water flies, sitting in the vise, waiting to be finished. He is so amazingly creative with his process.  All the tools, etc, are set up on the living room coffee table and are right in front of my spot on the couch! I'm very surprised that Ms G doesn't try to make off with these things, as they are all over the place and have dangerous hooks attached. So far, she's not the least bit fazed. She would rather annoy the fly creator by trying to get in his lap while he is working. Of course, you, know, that he does stop whatever he is doing and allow her to sit and have a nap.
Saturday morning we woke quite refreshed and I posed the idea of taking a drive to Provincetown for the day to have lunch, shop locally, and watch the Christmas lights come on at sunset. This was our view as we approached P-Town....Pilgrim Lake and the National Seashore dunes on our right. The sky was so beautiful, but it was really cold.
Nearing the dunes. There was an amazing amount of sand on the roads, having blown in with the strong gales we had on the day before Thanksgiving.
We found perfect parking on the town pier, and as we walked toward town the beautiful Pilgrim Monument was straight ahead. You can even see the strings of lights waiting to come on later.
We had lunch at Ross's Grill upstairs in the Whaler's Wharf building.  A wonderful and bustling place. The town was so filled with visitors. So nice to see a lot of local retail shopping taking place, and I did my best to help the cause! Ross's is on the 2nd floor and we loved looking down on their beautiful tree from above.
We like the Vintage store, too.
The sun was shining in so nicely and it made me feel like I was in ancient Europe for a sec.
Happily lunched, my favorite date and I were setting off to shop.
After shopping we were on the road to Herring Cove Beach to catch the sunset...oh, I do love living near the national Seashore. The beauty always leaves me in awe.
Just in time....we got the last parking spot.

Silently we watched, and gave thanks for all we have....

Love and peace to all....


Retired English Teacher said...

Wow. What a beautiful day you had. I am familiar with these places, so it was fun to take the tour with you and access the memories I have of this wonderful place. Glad you got away!

Judy said...

A glorious day for you both. I love PTown--it is so quaint!