Sunday, December 8, 2013

Birthdays, Barking, Breathing

Yes, a lot of breathing is taking place here at Ms Graysea land. There's that automatic breathing and then there is the deliberate breathing used to instill calm, relaxation, and maintain sanity, and right now, it is in high gear as I am house sitting a lot this month, and, we have many birthdays to celebrate, along with Christmas. Because everyone close to us is on different schedules, it is nigh on to impossible to be with everyone at once, so we are having a host of separate celebrations.
Fresh off a night of no sleep due to intense barking by my charges, I am wrestling this Sunday to a start so that we can head over to help Teddy celebrate his 5th birthday. Alison, Teddy's Mom and my dear, dear daughter-in-law, has put so much effort into this day, and I will have festivity photos for you tomorrow. It is a construction themed gala and so far 17 wee ones will be in attendance, along with accompanying adults. I'm bringing appetizer-type foods for the adults, and we'll all be helping with the games, etc. and picking up Sara, Samantha (Teddy has called me several times to remind me not to forget to pick up Samantha!!) and LM along the way, that is after I have fed my canine charges their lunch and played ball outdoors with them for a bit.

As I drove back to my house this morning at dawn, the night's barking still rattling my peace, the sky was amazing, but I missed the photo op, choosing to savor instead. Looking to the east over the ocean there was  heavy gray cloud cover, but dead center an opening of light filled with one huge pink cloud - a gift to soften my exhaustion, lift my spirits and launch what I am sure will be a very joyful day of celebration.  

Happy Sunday everyone.....much love, and may your day float on a pink cloud, too!


Lois Evensen said...

Happy Sunday to you, too. :) Barking all night? We just cuddle with the dogs and we all go to sleep together here, but perhaps that's not an option for you.

Balisha said...

Have a wonderful day today...How's your weather?

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Hi Balisha and Lois,
Yes, barking all night!! Going to have a talk with the owner tomorrow. They returned home this afternoon. I am booked to house sit and care for these dogs for 9 days during the Christmas week and will be very tired and in happy if I cannot get any sleep.
Very unhappy dog.
Balisha, we are waiting for the stormy weather to hit here in about 2 hours. Very cold and the air feels like snow. Glad to be home before the roads get bad. getting to work may be interesting in the morning, fortunately, I only have to drive mile to the office and the town does a great job of keeping our roads safe and Colorado.

Judy said...

I had a pink cloud Sunday also.