Sunday, December 22, 2013

Solistice Introduction

Warmly and gently, the solstice is guiding us toward winter. The bones of the trees are haunting, swaying, spheres, in a gentle breeze. The fog is so comforting as it creates a  place to be introspective and calm, in a time of year that can be so harsh and frantic. There is a cozy feeling about this day.

My holiday week of dog/house sitting has begun, and my first night was very quiet. The dogs never barked or disturbed my sleep - maybe they get the gentleness of this solstice time, too.

Much cooking is in process and today will yield some large batches of vegetable soup to freeze and some for gifts, and more of Mum's date nut bread.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with one of my dearest friends. She's just become a grandmother again to a beautiful boy, Luca, born to her only son and wife in FL.  Such happiness lies ahead.  We talked and talked and talked and could have gone on forever, but for my obligation to my doggie friends. We shopped, too! What fun.  Thank you, Sue. Our visit reminded me of all the reasons I treasure you and our friendship. You are truly an angel. LM says I should have addressed you as Justice C to protect you after the crime at the courthouse. 

Wishing calm,warmth and gentle fog for all this day, and LOVE, of course!!

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Judy said...

Such a wonderful time of year!!! Blessings on you, Marcia--have a wonderful Christmas!!!