Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wednesday Lunch Report

Very hot here, 88 degrees at one point. The ocean surrounds us on 3 sides and right now the water temperature is very warm; we do not even cool off at night. My usual haunts for lunch are 3 places where I can be very close to the water but these days they are fairly crowded with beachgoers making the most of their vacations. Today it was high tide at noon and I managed to find a spot at Oyster Pond - closest to my office. Lovely view of a salt pond which is the culmination of a river running in off of Nantucket Sound. Right next to where I park is a lovely little memorial park with roses in full bloom. It is a nice place to sit on a non 85+ degree day.  There was a little breeze today and the air was filled with the sound of joyful children running back and forth in the water. The older ones were out further jumping repeatedly off the raft.  A number of kayakers came along and launched just in front of my car.  A French family with 3 teenagers was enjoying lunch at a park bench.  The lilt of their conversation so beautiful.  A very elderly woman sat in the car next to me, and I couldn't help but wonder why her family had left her in the car while they were on the beach. The heat was pretty extreme, although she did have all the windows down. The usual birds I see were no where around today.  Too kingfishers.

Like clockwork, every day at 12:20 my phone rings and it is my dearest LM. We catch up on what transpired in our mornings and he always wants an activity report from my vantage point. Sometimes my son will call in this precious hour. Not today, as he had called me earlier at work to fill me in on a serious work-related accident he had last night and the subsequent trip to the ER for 30 stitches in his head.  He was very lucky there were people around.  He is home and resting. It will heal but leave a nasty scar.
The last half hour or so of my break is spent meditating, often just deeply breathing in the scent and sounds of the sea.  It seems the best form of renewal I've found. The workdays are very frenetic right now and in my breath I can feel my mind calm and thoughts become less jumbled.

I'll take you on some other lunch time journeys with me in the days to come. I've often thought about recording these times as some really funny, and interesting sights and sounds occur from time to time.

Keep cool.....


Judy said...

Your lunch time activities could be a new thing to blog about. Cool is heading your way--I promise. Today it felt almost cold!!!

Balisha said...

I almost felt like I was there with you.Tell us what you had for lunch...if you do more of these postings. Hoping you have a change in weather.