Friday, July 26, 2013

Two for One Lunch Report

You know you better not go far when you walk out the office door and there are masses of bicyclists everywhere, rescue vehicles flying by and cars blocking roads.  I walked around the corner to where my car was parked along a side street, and dodging many more bikes, I barely made it to my car unscathed, put the key in the ignition and plugged in my phone.  Within seconds, there was a screech of metal on pavement and screams, and the accident scene was on the street right in front of my parked car.  Are you surprised I never left my parking spot?  That's just a glimpse of what it is like on a very cloudy/drizzly day at the peak of summer on Cape Cod. Too dangerous for me to drive.  The carnage was picked up, damage not too serious, and the riders were on their way again, albeit limping along a bit. WHEW...crazy day.  My lunch was to be short anyway, as I was leaving work early to pick up daughter, Sara, so she could have dinner with her Dad (my 1st husband).  Long trip but nice evening, and Samantha really loved seeing her Grampa.  Delicious baked scallops.
Anyway, back to the lunch (half ) my steamy car (88 degrees) with a view of a nearby school parking lot and several near accidents between cars and bikes, I shared a short catch-up with LM, and tried to take a few deep relaxing breaths before returning to the fray that has been my office this week.

LUNCH:  Cold baked salmon with celery, and sprouts
Lovely Washington State cherries and green grapes
A very tiny piece of lemon pound cake

So here we are at today, and the fray was even worse in the office, but I knew an hour was coming to me no matter what.  My car headed to the quietest place I could think of, playing Russian roulette as I drove through the rotary at the head of the village, amidst gridlocked traffic. Soon I was parked on the pier at Stage Harbor, all the boats - many fishing vessels, huge pleasure craft, were all facing to the northeast in a mid-tide.  The sky was really dark overhead and light around the horizon.  We'd had 18 hrs of very heavy rain overnight and into the morning.  Within the swirling fog, there were swallows swooping along the top of the water and then landing in the swaying green marsh grasses. I am sure they are finding lots of delectable treats. There was some action around the Harbormaster's office behind me, but fairly minimal.  Another woman pulled in next to me in a red van. I have seen her there before, and we nod. Most everyone knows you come there for solitude, although I have had times when people insist on prolonged chatting.  After a morning of constant phones and interaction, I need the quiet.   Soon enough, LM calls, and we have serious and distressing conversation regarding Kristi. We have some tough legal issues surrounding her future and I cannot say much more. It is very hard for my dear LM, and will require a lot of undue effort on his part. I listen and we say bye with a longing to just be together to offer strength.  
The water is lapping gently against the pilings under the pier, and the gulls are calling, my mind eases out and I am able to return to work with enough peace to get me through the afternoon, AND, it's FRIDAY!!

LUNCH:  Cold baked salmon with celery folded into an oat bran pita round
More cherries and grapes!

I always have my lunch at my desk at about 11:30 each day, as I am starving by that time, having eaten breakfast at 5:30 am. 

So tomorrow is my dear son' Jason's birthday, and we will fight the heavy traffic to go over to their house late afternoon. Jason requested that I make him one of his favorite meals.  I will put the recipe up and try to get some photos.  It is a shrimp and pasta dish. Little Teddy has informed me that his 30 sisters and 20 brothers will also be coming to the party so he wanted to be sure I bring enough food.  What an imagination he has. Evidently, these siblings live "up the street near the red schoolhouse, and have a playground"....LOL. He's a trip. I'll be starting off the day tomorrow by shopping for food and flowers at the farmers' market, then go to the fish market for shrimp.  FUN!

Sunday, LM and I have a day of rest and being together with Ms G, whom I understand has taken to sitting on the back of LM's chair and repeatedly hitting LM in the head with her tail. 

Have a great weekend everyone.