Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Last Evening with the Sisters et al

Maybe it is because I never wanted the sisters' reunion to end, maybe it is because I just wanted to sit with each of the sisters and nieces alone and talk about what is important to them and where their lives are.  Those opportunities are so rare.  So I have been procrastinating about finishing up the post about this trip of a lifetime. I give you the last evening in Waterloo.....it was a lovely sunny day, even quite cool, and we were thrilled to find this beautiful table awaiting us when we arrived for dinner at The Kitchen at Bauer Lofts in uptown Waterloo.
It was a quiet night there and we delighted in having a lovely location right where we could see into the amazing kitchen, complete with a huge wood fired oven.  The trays of beautiful fresh herbs and other goodies within the chefs' grasp, assured us our meals would be sigh worthy.
First up was the drink order and behold here my lovely huge Mason jar or white sangria.

Bebo offering a toast with her dark local beer.
Matt and Emmy toasting the table as well.

Ellie and Dad, Jerry, had fun choosing just the perfect pizza. Jerry LOVES pizza.
Margaret, our very generous hostess, and my favorite date, on loan for the evening.

Mother and daughter, properly placed in front of the wine cellar! Notice we both chose the sangria

Beauty.....Anne and Eleanor.

Margaret and I opted for the shortribs and they were perfection sitting on some Yukon gold mashed potatoes, some parsnip puree and an delicious assortment of crisp fresh vegetables.

Anne chose the roasted chicken and it, too, was perfection.

A shared dessert of pear gingerbread, homemade ice cream and some butterscotch flavored brittle. We never finished it all, but the sweet ending coincided with the sweetness of all being together and celebrating the love we share!

We were soon back at Margaret's for our final good-bye, as LM, Anne and I would leave early in the morning in order to drop Anne at the Toronto Airport for her return flight to Florida.

We had to catch these last two photos, Eleanor sitting in what was our paternal Nana's chair.  I am so happy to know it is with Margaret, Nana's namesake, and I know our Nana would love the fact that the chair is now upholstered with leopard print velvet fabric.

And, last but not least by any means, Anne had the thrill of sitting in her Nana's favorite chair. The arms are so worn from where my Mum always had her arms. 
We were given the treasure of being loved by some incredibly wonderful women. One of the most joyous moments of the trip was when we all listened to Margaret read letters written by our mother in her early years.
Good-byes were said, tears, shed, and we were off to bed..........the story continues as LM and I shared another 6 days of bliss on the road home.
Love to all!


Judy said...

Letters written by Mother
I have love letters written to Mother from my Daddy--I never knew he could be so mushy!!! LOL How can we bear to say goodbye to our sisters--at our age we just never know if we will all be together again. Wonderful--Fun--Sad--all at the same time.

linda eller said...

Memories are priceless.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

thank you for sharing
all of these special times
of what will soon be memories.

ranjith said...

Nice to read ur updates :-)