Thursday, July 18, 2013

Backtracking Vacation, cont.

After our lovely last evening in Waterloo with the sisters, we were up and on the road early (May 27) and headed east across Ontario to bring Anne to catch her flight back to Florida, and, begin the rest of our vacation with a trip back to the 1000 Islands area of Canada and New York. It was a lovely sunny day and we drove toward the sunrise in the massive early morning traffic leading to the city of Toronto. A nervousness in my soul shook me as the time got closer and closer to saying good-bye, once again, to my lovely first born. It happened all too quickly, and soon the departure area was in sight and long hugs were shared before having to speed away and back in to the hectic city traffic.  We could not wait to be off the highway and soon enough were back on the lovely secondary roads of Prince Edward County, Ontario  to retrace our ride through the "path of lilacs" that had lead us toward the sisters.  We once again stopped in Wellington for a delicious breakfast at the Tall Poppy, before setting off to catch a series of ferry rides to take us to Clayton, NY, and the Wooden Boat Inn.  We'd stayed there last Fall on an earlier trip to visit Margaret, and it made the perfect stopping point from which to launch our trip into the spectacular Adirondack Mountains the next morning. It seems when we are out on the road like this that we cannot breathe in enough of our surroundings, new adventures, and each happy.
Along the Prince Edward County roads we encountered this bridge approach and had a few laughs as to where it actually would take us. Sure looked like a bridge to nowhere. Pardon the dirty car windshield. It was a "buggy" trip.

Here we go.......
Our view turned out to be a lovely Lake Ontario inlet.
All too soon, we were saying good-bye to Prince Edward County, to its lovely farms, vineyards and lilacs we hope to see another day. That area seems to transport us back in time and seem very magical. We'd also love to go back and visit some of the many beautiful wineries. Each time we've been there the timing has been time, Prince Edward.
Here we are driving on to the ferry at Kingston, Ontario to take us to Wolfe Island, where we'll next take Horne's Ferry to Cape Vincent, NY.

After a short drive over remote Wolfe Island and its fascinating wind farms and village, we are in line for our return to the US.
Efficiently parked on the tiny Horne's Ferry, we head across the St. Lawrence River. Calm today compared to our trip last October which had us dipping up and down on huge waves.

Our view from the ferry as we leave Wolfe Island....looking south toward Lake Ontario.

After a short wait at customs we were back in NY and drove north to Clayton where we would spend the night. It was such a lovely afternoon, so after an early dinner (I finally had the lake perch dinner I'd been dreaming about) at the delightfully "step back in time" 1000 Islands Inn (they say they are  the original home of 1000 Island dressing), we walked across the street to a nice park where we could walk along the banks of the river.
Below is a view from our dinner table.

Loved the colorful Adirondack chairs lined up to enjoy the sunset and evening breezes. 

LM was fascinated by this huge anchor that had been pulled from the Seaway many years ago. 

Back to the wooden Boat Inn to reminisce about the sisters' reunion and our lovely day of travel, and savor the heavenly feeling of having 4 days alone ahead of us......

This is such a sweet, quiet, clean and accommodating place to visit.
A nice spot to enjoy a summer evening. 

Alas, just one night in Clayton. Leaving town and on our way to breakfast the next morning, we were in front of this very interesting cross between a motorcycle and little car.
After a great breakfast at "The Rondette" in Clayton, we were on our way east into the Adirondacks and the anticipation built as we explored the remote back roads leading us into the heart of the Adirondacks.  We drove through miles and miles of Mennonite farms.

The farms were lush and green, and we saw signs for quilts!
We came across this young Mennonite farmer using 6 very sturdy plow horses to work his fields. Quite a site.
This town felt like we were in the 50's. 

Many more trip pictures to come......

We've been having a long heat wave here, and are looking forward to a front that will bring us cool dry air on Saturday evening. It is so unusual on Cape Cod to run the AC for more than a day or so at a time, but the humidity and temperatures not dipping at night have had mine running for more than 2 weeks.  Over at Chez LM and Ms G, they have a new AC unit which has made a huge difference in their very old and damp house.  Now we all sleep peacefully and comfortably when we are together on weekends.
Our life has settled into a peaceful and easy time right now. With Kristi still away, we've had quiet weekends with trips to the Farmers Market, evenings at the beach - here's my usual view of my fisherman -

....and the view from behind us.....we have also been bird watching (a pair of beautiful osprey as they fish for their babies), and cooking simple meals. Kristi's future is in transition right now and I will write more about it once we are sure what will happen. Her mother's estate remains to be settled, and there is a lot of careful consideration to be made.
Meanwhile, from rose and hydrangea cloaked Chatham

 I wish you love and peace and cool clear summer days.



One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

wonderful memories
you have
Thank you for sharing...

Judy said...

Such wonderful pictures!!! Do you sit in your car on the ferry? I hope that your calm days continue and no burdens fall on you again!!!

Pearl Maple said...

you do travel to some of the most beautiful parts of the country, thanks for sharing