Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sultry Sunset Adventures

We've been havin' a heat wave here!  Feeling so grateful for the AC yet it does tend to make one gasp for real air after such long periods. Last evening we headed out in the car, yet again in AC, and drove to West Dennis beach just before sunset. The night before we had been there and walked along the waterline with waves crashing against us, and came home sandblasted from the wind.   (Walking in heavy surf is sure a good way to exfoliate your feet, mine are just gleaming today.) We weren't sure how it would be last night, but it did seem the hot wind had subsided a bit.  We parked, and began to walk down the long boulevard/parking area toward the place it ends at Bass River.  The walk was perfect, just the right amount of breeze, many sea birds to watch and very few people.  When we reached the river, a lovely bench awaited us, and we sat silently watching the sunset turn our world pink, as the osprey fished while the sea grass sang as it swayed.  When we turned from the bench to begin the walk back, we found our way completely pink and moonlit. On one side of the road there is a dense area of scrub pine, so with eyes closed we stood still and listened to their distinct song in that lovely evening moment. We had a delightful fantasy about bringing a tent to their arms and spending the night within the pines. 
After returning home, we eagerly checked on line to see if the promised thunder storms would roll through to bring an end to the heat....nothing....the Cape is not to have relief. The radar did show a large cell moving to the northside so we stepped outside to watch. At this point we were already for bed, but after seeing some flashes of lightning and hearing the thunder we were quickly dressed and back in the car to head to a northside harbor, hoping to watch a storm move across Cape Cod Bay.....not to weak flash and that was it, but as we turned to go we saw the dark sky fill with fireworks as some locals were setting some off on the beach. We ended up with a manufactured show but it was fun and so unexpected.

Finally back home to bed.....even MS G seems out of sorts from the heat.  Hope it is cooling down where you are. I leave you with some more Cape Cod hydrangea beauty!

 Lace Cap

Possibly an oak leaf-type.


Judy said...

Oh My--if I lived on the Cape--I would never want to leave. The ocean, the flowers, the homes. I haven't been there in 40 years, but I remember how much we loved it!!!

Retired English Teacher said...

That heat sounds horrid. I can't imagine how it must feel to have the heat and the humidity.

Dennis Beach sounds perfect. How I love that place. You had the right idea to go down there and enjoy nature at her best. Now, if she will just bring you some rain, all will be perfect.

Balisha said...

Hope you get some cooling off. We are much cooler today here in N. Illinois. My husband and I used to see the sun setting and rush out to a better vantage point to watch. I would love to live near the ocean.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

It has cooled a little in my area
after showers on and off for several days. Ground surrounding this cottage still very damp and makes for easy weed pulling :)