Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day 3 - Elora, Meeting Penny

Sisters' Reunion, continued.  After an exciting day at the quilt auction on Saturday, we wondered if we would all feel like driving out to Elora on Sunday, but we were all ready and up and out early, driving through the beautiful Mennonite farm country to visit a place where we all held some memories of visits in years past.  Elora is a vey old village with many beautiful stone mill buildings and a very popular destination for a day of boutique shopping, walking, and dining.  When we arrived it appeared there was some sort of motorcycle rally taking place. You can read a bit more about Elora at this link.

Beautiful farm land on the way to our destination, and some farmers make their way along in a buggy and on a bike.
In the Epiphany boutique daughter, Anne, found some wonderful shoes....we had a little fun with this and brought the package out to the car and handed it to LM, telling him we'd bought him a gift.  He turned bright red when he opened the shoe box....big laughs all around. Silly girls taking advantage of our trusty chauffeur and helper's good nature.
There are some lovely doorways on the shops lining the old part of town.  It reminded Anne so much of France, where they visit often.  Love the little doggie on the bottom of this door. 
After shopping and some lunch, we were off to see the famous Elora Gorge.  This is a little peek through some rock formations.

We all gathered at "Lover's Leap" for this photo and a kind fellow tourist took this "family"shot: LM, Bebo, Eleanor, Moi, and daughter, Anne.

On the way back to Waterloo, some of us had a very important stop to make.  We were all starved for some kitty-love and our niece, Ellie, invited us to stop by to meet her new baby, Penny, and to have some delicious homemade lemonade and treats. Ellie, Margaret's 2nd daughter, has recently moved back to Waterloo from Toronto, and has found a lovely apartment in a beautiful old building.
As you can see, "Aunt Bebo" was the first to get a big hug from the most beautiful and willing Penny.

We all had a turn but, of course, the big magnetic pull was with the one most dangerous, as we all know his reputation for stealing felines, ahem, LM....I want my cat back!! In case you are not aware, my beloved Ms Graysea went to visit LM for a few days in 2008 and has never been allowed to return home!  It is true love and I cannot force them apart.He tells me she may return home when she jumps in the cat carrier by herself and closes it up. The likelihood of that happening is NIL.
Penny had no idea that she was in danger of being swept away to Cape Cod.
Ellie, Emmy and Matt served us some delicious and refreshing lemonade and treats.
Ellie found Penny when she was quite little, sitting atop of a trash barrel in a snow storm, complete with a little cap of snow between her ears.  She was irresistible in her little pleas for a home. She came to Waterloo and quickly thrived, as you can see.  She is the most relaxed and loving cat for one who had such inauspicious beginnings.  Here, she rests, after all the loving, in a fun box, given her by her aunt Emmy!
Ellie was a most gracious host and we really enjoyed our little interlude with Penny. Soon we were on our way back to our various lodgings to rest and prepare for a delicious and fun evening dining out in Waterloo.

I'm sorry for all the delay in finishing posting the rest of our trip adventures. Summer has arrived with a most oppressive, dark and dank vengeance here, and I am using my energy to work and get through each day.  We have not seen the sun in well over a week and the humidity is at 97%.  Sleeping is elusive as my ancient AC cannot keep up.  The house feels like a swamp.
On the plus side, there are beautiful local strawberries, and a bit of preparing and freezing of said luscious treats, is in process.
Love to all....


Judy said...

What a wonderful time you had!! There just is nothing like spending time with sisters/family. I do believe LM's name is Cat Whisperer? I have seen cat owners that really don't know how to get along with their cat, and then there are people that cats just gravitate to.

Cape Cod Kitty said...

OH, he is a cat whisperer alright....they come to him like a magnet, and he just adores them. LM never had a cat before Ms G, and I must say she played a big part in the "defection"....she was all over him and doing all sorts of adoring behavior. It is so much fun to watch. When I was there last week, I bet he picked her up and held her 20 times...and she gazes into his eyes. Oh, my.

linda eller said...

Fun time with family and memories made. Stay as cool as possible and hope the humidity dries soon. Here in the south, we just learn to accept it and live with it. lol

Cat Lady of Parkdale said...

Thank you so much for these great pictures of our beautiful visit! Penny is so photogenic!