Thursday, January 10, 2013

Walk Along with me at Hardings Beach

First view at the beach after leaving the car

 Looking toward the Old Stage Harbor Lighthouse - Someday I will walk that far

Looking back toward the parking lot.  Those beautiful black clouds were heading toward the beach but I set out anyway.

The winter beach is so pristine and I am always happy when my footprints are the first of the day.  This particular day it was about 12 degrees so it is no wonder there were no other walkers.
I watched this hydrangea blossom bob along on the waves at the edge, then it was finally laid gently on the sand. It must have been in the water for sometime as it water for sometime as it was attached to some sea growth.  Truly amazing to me
Beautiful colors of the sea. If only you could hear the sound.
Sea designs
Looking to my left over the dune, I could see those black clouds moving ever closer.

Other walkers
More lovely deposits by the sea
Nature's artwork
Inspiration.  Yes, those black clouds did send some sleet down on my return walk  but I loved it.     

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judemiller1 said...

Oh--I so miss this and yes--I wish I could hear the sound because the sound is what relaxes me--ever retreating wave takes more and more stress away. I miss the ocean soooo much!!!