Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Day with LM's Family

For the first time in many years, LM had all his children and their significant others together under his roof. It was a VERY lighthearted, fun, and delicious Christmas Day.

Chief table inspector doing her job before the guests arrived.
When prompted that she might just be somewhere forbidden, she turned her head to try the invisible act.
 Fruit bread similar to one my mother always made at Christmas. So yummy.

A blurry shot of our christmas tree and the quilt I gave LM for Christmmas

Christmas tree fruit and cheese plate. Wonderful grapes.
Before the guests arrived Ms G playing Princess and the Pea on a pile of blankets.  Kristi's quilt on the bottom.
LM was thrilled with two new Kliban Kat tee's from Ms G.  This one he will wear proudly when he cooks dinner for 100 at the Cape Cod Salties.
The fly fishing cat, complete with waders to cover the tail.  The detail is so funny.
Back of the shirt showing the line caught by the cat on the front.
This Christmas was extra special as we were also celebrating Meaghan's engagement to her beau, John.  They make a great couple, and John staged a total surprise proposal amidst some beautiful christmas lights, and presented Meg with a lovely ring.

John and Vanessa!  John has been free for quite awhile now and he and Vanessa are thriving.  We were so happy to have them with us.
John gave his Dad a very special gift of an antique cribbage board.  I loved watching John's excitement as he waited for his Dad to open the gift.  They have spent many, many hours playing cribbage so this gift was very special

John and Kristi helping Dad assemble his new birdbath....the raccoons broke the last one.
We shared a delicious dinner and laughed hard and often.....perfect.  The chief table inspector stayed under the bed during the entire visit but John did go in and lay on the floor and pat her for a while.  They were good friends when John was living with his Dad before.  The second the door closed on the company, Ms G emerged and did a thorough sniff of every inch touched by the "alien invaders".....she's a funny critter.

I love the family that LM and I share.....we are very blessed.


linda eller said...

Thanks for sharing your special day.

Retired English Teacher said...

It looks like you all had a truly wonderful day. So glad to hear all are doing well.

judemiller1 said...

I was just wondering about John the other day. Glad he is doing so well. Love the "cat" t-shirts, and the cribbage board and that plate with fruit and cheese that looks like a Christmas Tree--priceless!

aliana peter said...

thanks for sharing your special day.