Wednesday, January 23, 2013


 Photo taken at one of my favorite lunch spots near my office. There seem to always be crows, and I love to think they are following me, there for my enjoyment, and to distract me back to nature.

Good Morning from the deep freeze! I do love the extremes of the seasons, and the way life draws in around us in the cold.
This week I am house sitting for my boss, and an amazing thing has happened. My TV at home has chosen to no longer function, AND the TV at my boss's house is so complicated that I cannot figure out how to use it. I also do not have internet access there.....mmmmm, I had to pick up a book. Just imagine!  Last night I read 90 pages while sitting in complete silence, and slept the most peaceful sleep I've known in many years.  Alas, here I am this morning, readying for work, and back to technology - minus TV - at my house, and shortly the office will jar me from this peaceful place.  I am going to stay TV free all this week. Coupled with the Tibetan meditation/chanting class this evening, I'm hoping for a few more of those wonderfully blissful sleeps. 

Truly believing that life gives you what you need when you need it, icluding non-functioning TV's, I wish you the same peace.

PS. I am reading "Charlotte's Story,"a fascinating narrative about a young couple's experiences living for two years on a remote key off the coast of FL in the mid-1930's. 

PPS.  Our situation with Kristi and her mother's health remains about the same (Ellen remains in the nursing home and we are working with hospice).  LM and I did have the opportunity for a "date"....4 hours alone, last Sunday.  He is so busy with everything entailed with the situation, and amidst that, he is overseeing some major renovations at Kristi's house, and trying to work some days here and there.  An entirely new kitchen is in place, wallpaper has been stripped off, new paint on walls and ceilings is applied, and this weekend we hope to begin clearing out a lot of unusable items from the basement. LM's son, John and his stepfather, Frank are doing the work and a very fine job, at that.  John's brawn is most welcome.  We are not sure what will happen. Kristi is longing to move back to the only home she has ever known but we will need to have a foster care person in place as she cannot live alone.  It is all a very large work in progress.  My job is to remain calm, offer support without criticism, and accept life for what it is these days. Not always easy!!


linda eller said...

I agree with your statement, "I do love the extremes of the seasons," as I do as well. Most people complain it is too cold or too hot or too wet. I like it all and glad I am alive to enjoy. You do lead a busy life my friend....Have a good day and hopefully another sleepful night!

Anonymous said...

I'll be the first one to admit I DO NOT like extremes in the seasons. I like a mild winter, beautiful warm spring, mild to hot summer and a cool-warm fall...Sounds like a lot of hammering going on at Kristi's house. Hope things will work out there for everyone...Mom is doing pretty good. She is eating much better and not getting nauseated. Her breathing is so much better since she isn't climbing ANY stairs. A few mornings she has said she doesn't feel good, but that usually passes by noon or 1 pm. I'm keeping fresh flowers in her room to brighten her mornings. So far so good....debbie

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

small TV which I seldom watch but handly for news and weather. use something from Walmart $5 for reception which is fair.
wish there was a chanting class available near - but the country and woods offers a peaceful scene.
take care and thank you for all your kind comments to me...