Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ms G Welcomes 2013 and Other Furry Fun

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!  We started off the year with more snow and cold than we had all of last year. So pretty, but Ms G is cold!

As soon as I got out of bed yesterday morning we caught our dear girl sneaking under the covers to nestle right in to the spot I vacated.  On her way to her cave.


Oh, yes, we finally covered her up and when we returned 8 hours later, she was still there. Our day took us off-Cape to pay a visit to my brother, Sam and wife, Trish and to see their new baby kitties, Vin and Eddie (story behind the names - my parents' favorite restaurant was always Vin and Eddie's in Abington, MA).  these two are a dynamic duo and seem to move in tandem, and are often seen looking like a pair of prairie dogs.  They are Manx (tail-less) although one has a tiny stub.

Not sure which one had a very long nap in Sam's lap while we visited. 
 This picture was taken of Trish last Saturday when we visited People for Cats in Falmouth.  She adopted this adorable female kitten for a friend.
Guess you could say our New Year's Day was full of furry fun.  LM and I truly enjoyed a very relaxing time together.  We will treasure that time, as we enter another limbo phase in our lives.  Kristi returned to his house today and will be there for awhile now. Her mother is still alive, but barely, and we are just offering as much support as we can.

It felt really good to return to work today and back to normal routine. It's really cold here but today at lunch I walked in the Village and then went to a nearby beach and walked along the waterline, watching the ice wash in with each wave.  The wind was biting but I felt so alive and happy being out in nature.  Love to feel the cold wind hit my face, and deep breaths seem to fill my soul with energy.

Love to all......


linda eller said...

The kitties are so cute, and the snow is beautiful. Life is good.

judemiller1 said...

I too went out for a bracing walk--taking in deep breaths of the cold air--holding the breath for a moment and letting it out. Felt energized!!!