Friday, January 11, 2013


Happy Friday. Surprisingly, this first full week after all the short holiday weeks has been great. Actually, nice to be back in a regular routine again.  There is quilting back in full swing and this week I managed to accomplish a thorough re-organization of my fabric and yarn stash.  Actually, the yarn is about gone...maybe 4-5 odd skeins remain.  Above is a scarf I made for LM's daughter, Meaghan, for Christmas.Never did get it posted with the holiday pictures.  It is so soft, very long, and took forever on very small needles.  She is off to Wisconsin for a wedding this weekend and I am sure it will keep her very warm.

Even though, we are continuing the vigil for Kristi's mother, dealing with a massive outbreak of flu (Kristi being the only one among us to fall so far, although my office is full of it), and being pulled in many different directions with end of life issues, as well as our regular days, we are fine and happy.  Staying centered and calm is of utmost importance. LM really has the brunt of it all, and my  main job is to keep from interfering too much, and just offering love and support where I can. This weekend we will have a little dinner and a visit from LM's sister.  Amidst that, I will be dog sitting and doing the cooking.

Walking each day goes a long way to feed my soul, and keep my energy level where needed.

Last night, LM entertained me with a blow by blow description, via cell phone, of Ms G trying to catch some sort of bug that was flying around their house.  We all had tremendous fun for about 1/2 hour as the saga unfolded.  Alas, the bug eluded the dreaded gray paw/jaws, and Ms G was back to watching Nature on PBS. Seems she has taken to watching a lot of TV lately.  Bet she misses her mother's frequent visits, but she is there offering comfort and laughs to Kristi, and that is a most needed commodity right now.  There is a pillow I always sat on when at LM's, and he placed it so that Ms G can sit on that to watch TV.  Sweet man, and it is well-used.  Someday soon, I will be there again. I don't say this at all unhappily.  We are fine and know it is what it needs to be right now, as we help Kristi go through the loss of her mother.

Have a wonderful weekend, and love to all.


linda eller said...

Love the description of Ms. G. and a bug....I have a bug catcher here too, and she amazes me....hope your weekend is a nice one.

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Thanks, Linda. The bug observation and attempts to captures truly are hilarious and the part that really had LM and Kristi laughing, as well as me from a distance, was the tilt of her head and sharply raised ears.Cats are an endless source of entertainment for us. Small minds, I guess.
Happy weekend to you, as well. Always so nice that you stop by.

Kittie Howard said...

I admire you so much for being able to keep your emotions under control during moments of what must be incredible stress. It's not easy to zone out, then zone in elsewhere in order to ride life's roller coaster.

Our Chena loved to catch bugs, especially flies. Actually, Chena had little patience for intruders in the world she considered hers (which was all that she saw around her, LOL). I can see her now, narrowing her eyes, plotting her ambush. And, she, too, loved TV, especially basketball and Animal Planet. Once, when I changed channels, she meowed at me. Humph!


aliana peter said...

It is so soft, very long, and took forever on very small needles.