Monday, January 7, 2013

Embracing Winter

As the 2012 Winter solstice occurred, a peace cloaked my soul and the most amazing things have been happening. Instead of the usual dread of the darker days, they have become a time of beautiful intraspection, energy and making the most of each second of light. Each day at lunch, I have re-discovered walking on the beach - not just driving my car to the beach to read - I am bundling up and walking toward the light, into the wind.  The last few years I have walked less and less, as my right knee has become more and more unstable. Because I feared falling on the street, I just stopped exercising outside except for very short jaunts in my immediate neighborhood.  Suddenly, it came to me that i could walk the beach and if I fell, I would not be hurt, and i could also kneel on my bad knees to get up if necessary.  WOW,  it feels so good.  Even on an 8 degree day last week, I was out there.  Within a few days, I could feel my strength quickly it disappears when the body does not move enough.  Focused meditational breathing during these walks, keeps the cold at bay and the time flies. The sound of the water lapping at the shore is balm, and on some days, my footprints were the only ones on the sand....well, there were some very interesting animal tracks, and beautiful shells along the wrack line.  The walk I am doing leads to a point with a lovely old lighthouse at the end, and someday I will get that far. For now, 20-30 minutes at lunch is enough.  I plan to take my camera along for pictures one day, although, I hate to do anything at all that distracts from breathing in the healing properties of nature. Soon enough, the daylight fades well before my workday, yet I love the night as it comes on and brings me rest and peace.

LM and I are now back to weekends apart while Kristi is at his house again. Her mother clings to life and they are consumed with activities around her passage. I am using this time to get some necessary errands done and to enjoy cooking some new recipes and sending them over some healthy meals.  It
is OK!!!

Biopsy results on Jason have come back negative.  There remain a lot of questions.  We plan to address those this week. Why is a large tumor on his thyroid not being removed?  The doctor was not forthcoming with much information so Jason will pursue the answers.  Thank you, dear readers, for all the concern and prayers.

Love to all.


linda eller said...

Walking is good for the body, as well as the soul. Glad you are able to do some of both, even in the winter months. Have a good week ahead.

judemiller1 said...

It seems so good to breathe in the cold, for some reason--and I don't cough which reassures me that my lungs are fine :-) a test.

Biopsy on my son's girlfriend thyroid came back negative too, but she is having her tumor AND thyroid removed--her doc said it was best to do it that way. Question Jason's doc!!!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

I stay so busy
but not walking as much
through the woods and long gravel drive
Need to start
say this everyday.
Take care of you - please...