Monday, August 8, 2011


On July 30th there was a dual birthday celebration for son, Jason (41) and moi (35 - how did that happen?). The day was a picture perfect Cape Cod summer day and Jason and Alison hosted a lovely and simple celebration on their deck.
Dear sister-in-law, Trish admires the cousin love-fest between Samantha and Teddy. Trish is making an incredibly wonderful recovery from recent rotator cuff surgery and inspired me to go forth with my procedure....maybe in Oct.
When we arrived, Teddy came running full-speed to LM's arms, saying, "Woo, Woo" (his interpretation of LM's name, Lou) as he excitedly begged to be hugged. Of course, dear, Woo, is very popular as he always several forms of technology to be played with. This time it was a police scanner that Teddy thought was the highlight of the day. Well, he did love the cake.
Woo, the scanner, Teddy, brother, Sam, Alison and Kristi
Ahhhhh, bliss.
Kristi was so happy to spend time with her dream-man, Sam. They are great pals.
Friend extraordinaire, Sue, joined us for the celebration, and she brought bubble blowing equipment to entertain S & T. Great fun!
Alison cooking up our delicious fare...fancy hamburgers and lots of other goodies.
Soon it was time for the birthday cake....made by a certain 35 yr appear.
Teddy and Samantha rushed in to help blow out the candles. (this really shows how tall Samantha is getting!)Teddy contemplates his first bite of cake, but not for was consumed with gusto, a man after my own heart.
Finishing off their desserts
He's growing so much!
Time for more play with the scanner, as Sam reads one of my presents to Jason - a history of the Town of Bourne compiled in 1974. Jason has a great collection of Bourne memorabilia and this added to it nicely.
A wonderful time was had by all, and you may notice there are no pictures of the 35 year old (and sadly, none of Sara, as she was the photographer of the day). The birthday girl was sitting on a recliner recovering from yet another ridiculous fall. I'd gone to take a garden walk with Trish and Sue and, on the return, when I went to climb over the deck baby gate, I caught my sandal and went down in a big thud, nearly wiping out Teddy and Sue in the process. Of course, it happened in front of everyone there and I can still feel the sting of embarrassment. Nearly two weeks later my left leg from knee to ankle is green and the knee still very swollen. I was very lucky, though and got lots of love, concern and ice packs. Poor LM is still so upset about watching me fall and not being able to move quickly enough to stop me.
Nonetheless, it was a perfect family day and I am forever grateful for my great children and grandchildren.


Anonymous said...

I swear to Pete Marcia!! We are two pea's in a pod!! I'm so sorry you fell, AGAIN!! Thank goodness you didn't fall on your bad shoulder! The kids are really growing up. Hate to see that don't you? Madison will turn 7 next month. I can't believe it. It looks like a GREAT Birthday party! I would love a piece of that cake,it looks positively Yummy!!...debbie

Linda said...

Oh my, hope you're on the mend from that fall. The children have grown a lot since the last pictures. It's wonderful when family can have such good times together.

Retired English Teacher said...

This is such a lovely post. I loved the photos. Happy birthday, even if the wish is a bit delayed.

What are we going to do with you? I'm sure you were just humiliated by falling in front of everyone. I would be too. The main thing is that you are hurting yourself and that isn't good. I hope your healing is speedy. No more falls!

judemiller1 said...

I'm 40 and haven't fallen--as yet--you seem to be a bit clumsey for 35. I hate to think what we will be like when we are really old, LOL.
Loved all the pictures--what a lovely day!