Saturday, August 27, 2011

Waiting for Irene

As we prepared to go to bed last night, we found our little friend, Ms G, on "her" chair in the kitchen, all hunkered down. (the lighted globes in the background are solar lights we brought in from the garden to save them from the coming storm) I love her "go away paparazzi" look.
We were up very early this morning to make the final preparations before the storm. Her royal highness is seen surveying her territory from the kitchen door at 6 am.
We are as ready as we can be for for the hurricane. Even though Irene has lost some punch, she is still a very powerful force of nature and will be arriving here tomorrow morning. Errands are done, final yard work is underway and I am so happy to have a quiet day at home.
My son-in-law David arrived on Eleuthera yesterday and their house has survived Irene with only a few battle scars and a little water. He'll be there for a few days to help others and attend to repairs. We are all so relieved.
This afternoon I will be talking on the phone with Debbie of Happy Days. We are about to embark on an exciting project together. I'm going to help her make a quilt using shirts belonging to her late father. It is a meaningful journey, and one of which I am thrilled to be a part.
Love to all and be safe in the storm if it's coming your way.


Majid Ali said...

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One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Thanks for update.
Thanksful your island was
Take care

Anonymous said...

She looks quite comfy in her chair by golly! Probably trying to keep out of the way of the stomping donkeys in the kitchen. Wonder what she thinks of donkeys in her kitchen? The chair fabric that she is sitting on, is the same frabric that is in the 2 recliners in the girls room!! It was just wonderful talking to you today! I feel like we've been friends forever. Love hearing the New England accent. My back is tired from standing most of the day so I'm going to sit down and watch the Hurricane coverage with Barney...I felt like I did accomplish a lot today. Am thankful your an Acey~ducey Math wizzard...debbie

Beverly said...

Glad you are prepared....My grandmother made a quilt of my grandfather's old ties. My oldest son who loved ties as a teenager now has it...

Beverly said...

so happy about the island home

Linda said...

Wonder if Ms Graysea knows in her own way that a bad storm is coming?

So glad you and Debbie had such a good visit. More blogger fun.

judemiller1 said...

So glad about the island home. I hope you don't get flooded out!!! Been watching the storm all day--it almost seems worse on the West side of the storm.