Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Scared Cat

Last Sunday as hurricane Irene passed over us, Ms G was so frightened that she hardly came out of hiding at all. After the initial pass we were then subject to the back side winds and they were the heaviest and most fierce. As they began to wind down, we began to relax a bit. As I took to the couch to rest, I hoped Ms G would finally come out and snuggle. it took awhile but here is the process. At first she kept looking at me, begging for me to stop the gusts, ears rotating as she remained on full alert.
I was trying to catch her with the ear rotated toward the nearest window where the curtains were billowing from the winds. Still very nervous.
Finally, she began to settle down and snuggle in but you can see that skeptical glance toward the window behind her.
This has been the most beautiful end of summer of the reasons we love Cape Cod so very much.
We're still concerned for our New England neighbors who are suffering so much from the flooding. The losses are staggering - crops are devastated, as well as all personal belongings. Now we watch to see what will happen in Louisiana today. May they be spared a flood!
I am off to help friend, Sue make a memory quilt from shirts, similar to what I'm doing with Debbie. Such fun. Love to all.


Lois Evensen said...

Awww, what a sweet kitty. It is sad that we can't explain what is happening to them.

It is so sweet of you to help people making memory quilts.


Anonymous said...

Ms G looks a little miffed that SOMEONE is sharing the couch with her. Barney slunk aroud the rooms yesterday while we were having a very noisy thunderstorm. He and Bob have become fast friends. Last night at 11;45 PM those 2 sillies were playing chase and hide n seek in the back hall!! So unlike Bob! Did my heart good! The quilt is coming along, but today I'm going to have to rip out a long seam. One part didn't come out very well and it's driving me crazy. I took my sewing machine back yesterday. Will have something in my blog about my machine troubles!! Have a great weekend...and I appreciate your help!!! OOOOOHHH!! THANKS FOR THE MATERIAL!! LOVE THE DONKEY MATERIAL!!!...debbie

judemiller1 said...

Animals are so intuitive when it comes to storms. they sense something isn't right. During last night's thunderstorm, I woke to two cats coming down the hallway, meowing their heads off. They jumped up on the bed and nestled near each of my legs. Usually they sleep in the living room at night.