Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ontario Trip Part 2

Sorry for the delay in the Canada travelogue. I've been sidelined by another attack of trigeminal neuralgia....this one lasted 5 days and today I finally feel "normal" again. It was not helped at all by having my annual flu shot Friday as part of my annual physical (great reports except for the TN issue). She also insisted I have the pneumonia shot....sore arms right now. Dr is now sending me to a neurologist to further investigate and treat the TN.

Having promised Kristi that we would have a whole day together yesterday, I was forced to pull it all together and pick her up in early morning for launch into all she wanted to do. She had a list of errands, then over to LM's house where we spent almost the whole day outside working in the yard. We planted 100 tulip and daffodils and cut out a lot of old shrubs as well as cut back many that have gone crazy with growth. Kristi hauled away a lot of the brush to the back yard pile and she was a great help. I made a great late lunch of pulled pork sandwiches, and we let her Dad have a rest!! After cleaning up the kitchen, Kristi and I were back on the road to do some shopping....we visited several clothing stores and she went shopping elsewhere for cards and gifts she needed and then we were on the hunt for jeans. She had no luck so I will try on-line to find what she wants. When I finally got back to LM's, it was time for rest and a movie with my love. By this time my hip was screaming and I was on the floor doing an hour of really helped and I am moving much more easily today. Winter is beginning to show its face here and we had to pull out winter coats today. Nonetheless, LM is out fishing this evening. He caught some striped bass last week so is determined to get more in time for the bass dinner he will cook for 100 people on Wednesday. It is an annual event at his fishing club, The Cape Cod Salties. There is about 15 pounds already frozen and waiting. Others are fishing, too.
Now back to the Canada trip.
This is a lovely tree in Margaret's front yard. The foliage was just so beautiful everywhere.
I was so happy to see Margaret and Jerry's beautiful house again. It holds some of my happiest memories.
The front porch is alive and well in her neighborhood
This lovely platter is a colorful and welcoming touch outside the front door.
These beautiful old homes have incredible windows
This elegant chandelier was found in pieces in a dusty old corner by my former husband. He put it all back together and polished it perfectly. We hung it in our camper and brought in to Canada back in the early 80's as a gift. It still beautifully lights every meal in the dining room.
Brenda enjoys the catnip imported from Cape Cod.
LM in the sitting room of our B & B suite...he's saying, oh no the papparazzi again.
They had a nice electric fireplace
Our bedroom looking a bit askew.....very comfy and beautiful bed.
This ell housed our quarters. Below were several lovely terraces and a hot tub.
The front.....we were just a bit too early to see the house adorned for Halloween. My sister says her girls were always quite afraid of the haunted look. The innkeeper says he's been known to lay "dead" on the front porch on Halloween and jump up to scare the trick or treaters!!
On our second day in Waterloo, Margaret and I planned a trip out to the small neighboring city of Guelph, to visit "The Greenery, the most lovely quilting store. It is housed in a stately old brick home with huge windows and had a glorious array of fabrics, all calling out to be purchased. We did a pretty good job listening to those beauties.
On the way there, we made a stop in Kitchener to visit a small market owned by the sister of a good friend of mine, Anthi (an architect who formerly worked with me). We often talked about both having sisters living in Waterloo, Ontario, so I just had to make a stop to say hello. They now have a new adoring customer as my sister just loved this small organic venue. Anthi designed the Kara Market and her sister and husband have done a wonderful job filling it with their beautiful produce. There are other vendors as well, selling all local and "gently raised" meats, as well as beautiful chocolates and other delicacies. We were just astounded at the array and beauty of the produce. All displayed with signs saying where it was grown. The owner, was so happy to meet us and made a custom made salad for us to take home.

All salads are custom made with your choice from a beautiful array of ingredients. Everything so fresh.
A most interesting and colorful array of pepper and other veggies
Pretty persimmons
Humor in the produce department!!
While Margaret and I were off enjoying some cherished time together, niece, Emmy and her boyfriend, Matt, were taking LM on his first Canadian fishing trip on the Grand River. They had a "Grand" time and that story will be covered in the next chapter of our trip.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.


Linda said...

Another lovely post. Loved the pictures but enjoyed the one with the platter hung outside the most. I'd never seen that before but why not? Sorry you're still having TN troubles. I'll be anxious to hear what the neurologist says.

One Woman's Journey said...

Oh my - beautiful pictures and I feel like I have been on a wonderful trip.
I think you did too much yesterday!
Enjoy life but try not to push so hard!

Anonymous said...

Ok. Maybe I'm slow. Is your sister's beautiful home the Bed and Breakfast? The light fixture is just BEAUTIFUL!! WOW! What a nice gift! The veggies were really pretty and colorful!Sounds like you and Kristi had a wonderful day and your trip even better! I'm really sorry to hear that your TN was acting up. Hope you'll let us know what the doctor says. Really enjoyed your usual!! ...debbie

judemiller1 said...

I am so enjoying the trip--seeing as how I could never walk all around the places you went, I can still see them and enjoy.

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Thanks everyone. It is so much fun to go back over this wonderful family time. Much more to come!!

Susan said...

The technically challenged one signed up on G but who knows if you will see this.