Friday, October 29, 2010

Canada Part 5, Back in Time to Elora and its Beautiful Gorge, Canada Part 5

Ah, Monday, actual Canadian Thanksgiving Day. We lingered over a delicious breakfast in this lovely alcove at our B & B, chatting with an interesting couple from Toronto, she an actress/singer who was recovering from a run at the Drayton Ontario Theater Festival, and he a fine finish woodworker. Lovely and interesting people, and regular guests, along with their tiny dog, at Hillcrest House.
Waking up...each morning a steaming pot of Earl Grey tea awaited me.
We went over to gather up Margaret and depart for our day trip to Elora Gorge. It was a bit rainy but the sun was shortly to appear and light up the beautiful foliage. Leaves covered my car in just a few minutes as we were saying good-bye to the departure inspector.
Here she is....watching every aspect of our leaving. Sad to see her new lover leaving.
On the drive, this leaf appeared on my window.
Elora is a very old mill town and this beautiful building has been re-purposed into a very elegant hotel and restaurant. It sits right at the edge of a spectacular waterfall.The porch, left center, is part of the restaurant. Years ago I dined there. Truly an incredible experience.
A closer look.......
The entrance to the overlook was just a short walk from where we parked.
As we looked down over the edge, there was a group of kayakers. We believe they were practicing their skills, as there was an instructor. One at a time, they would paddle very hard while managing their kayak against the power of the rushing water. We were fascinated.
From the overlook. As the water rushed over the dam, I stood there in silence, my mind flooded with the memories of visiting here so many years ago with all my sisters. Happy times.
The rock is all limestone
A fellow visitor was happy to take our picture!
LM gently helped Margaret every step of the way. He is an angel.
Back in the car we drove a short distance to walk in a park and have another view of the river and a very unusual forest. On the way we passed this Mennonite buggy and horses tied under a tree. I love that stone center gable house. There are many in Ontario as Scottish and German stone-masons passed through this area leaving their talents behind in the form of many beautiful houses and buildings.
At the park there were some Mennonite families having a picnic. Many little girls with long braids and dresses running around. They were having such a lovely time in the sunshine. No pictures out of respect.
These tree roots were so interesting.
Most trees in the forest were cedars or a form of redwood...but there were a few maples...couldn't resist this shot looking up to the sky.
We felt we were in a primeval wood....ah, I snagged another black squirrel, too.
LM helping Margaret through the wooded walk to another overlook. Those glasses are HIGHLY dangerous as they contain a very sophisticated video camera with audio, as well. I steer clear of him when he wears them. He claims they are a teaching aid for his fishing students, or at least that is how he justified the high price tag.
Looking down at another curve in the Grand River.
I love this view of the forest. It really seemed magical.
After that lovely walk, we made our way back to Elora Village and were able to spend some time walking around, look at shops and have a delicious lunch at a tiny Creperie. It was just like being in a French cafe and we had to tear ourselves away. There was beautiful art on the walls and a very accommodating and friendly staff.
Across from where we parked was this lone remaining wall of an old mill, morning glories now filling the window openings. I wish I could have gotten closer for a better photo but that would have meant standing in the center of the street. Not a good plan.Beautiful urns and planters of all sorts were brimming with flowers
I loved this doorway
This sweet doggie was painted on the bottom of the door.
Many of the shops had porches/decks on the back where patrons can sit for a bit and gaze at the falls. There is a walkway along the river in the back, as well. This pretty arrangement was at the back of a very upscale womens clothing boutique. Surprisingly, I did not find anything I couldn't live without.
After a visit to an organic ice cream and handmade chocolate shop (sorry, no pictures, I was busy eating my cone of sublime ginger ice cream and sampling chocolate truffles made with olive oil - very good, by the way), we were back in the car and on the way back to Waterloo for our last evening with Margaret and Jerry. I took this photo of a huge maple grove. It was sitting in what seemed like miles of cornfields and the leaves were a brilliant orange.
Next Betty, our last evening with Margaret and Jerry, and a peak at a few of Margaret's beautiful quilts.


Linda said...

Isn't it too bad we will never live long enough to see all the beauty in this world?

I'm looking forward to the quilt pictures.

One Woman's Journey said...

Oh My - you experienced a dream trip!! What wonderful memories

judemiller1 said...

Beautiful--thanks for taking me along.

Beverly said...

This looks like a wonderful time....the photos are great!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photographs! what a great place to visit! Just leaves you breathless. The Gorge pictures were so pretty. I can hear how loud the water must be!! Great memories are being made on this visit!! ...debbie

Kathy said...

Awesome photos! I'm beginning to think of my dream home while I'm looking at the photos. I want the flooring of such "dream home" to be in laminate flooring. Tampa, Florida is home to fabulous construction materials, anyway. Also, I'm dreaming of using Lakeland flooring materials for the bathroom. Dreamy, huh? That's because I'm fascinated with your beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing!