Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Canadian Thanksgiving, Canada Part 4

Canadian Thanksgiving is just like ours except it is celebrated on the 2nd Monday in October. We were most fortunate to have a lovely meal prepared by my sister and nieces. All the usual delicious dishes were prepared and the turkey smelled wonderfully when we arrived after having a lovely leisurely morning at our B & B.
We found Margaret in the kitchen in a colorful handmade apron, just about ready for a "sit-down" on the back porch to chat with LM and his new girlfriend, Brenda. You must get the drift now that Brenda is always in the middle of whatever you are doing. She is such a gregarious creature. While I am at it, I must remind you that Brenda is not the only cat in the household. Actually, there is a beautiful "alpha cat," Betty. Betty stays out of the limelight but she is most capable of whapping, yes, whapping Brenda, with the stroke of a paw, into shape. (You will eventually meet Betty). She is also in charge of the comings and goings of the neighborhood cats, particularly one named Fella who lives across the street. Fella has the audacity to come around to the back door of Betty's house, get up on the bench and look right in the door. This causes all sorts of indignation, as you can well imagine.

It's just ridiculous!! Notice the short sleeves. That day was so beautiful and warm.
A blurry but pretty table set for Thanksgiving dinner....thanks, Sam, Ellie & Emmy
Emmy and Ellie working on dinner.
Dinner is served!! In the foreground is Margaret & Jerry's "adopted" daughter, Sam. Without Sam, much of this dinner would not have been as lovely and delicious. She is an amazing cook, as well as the other girls.
Brenda still loving her box. Looks like she was enjoying a little "nip" to celebrate Thanksgiving.
After dinner, everyone went upstairs to rest and LM and I went for a long walk through the lovely neighborhood. We had fun watching the ubiquitous black squirrels. I sure hope their busyness is not indicative of our coming winter! These streets are so beautiful and the foliage elicited a lot of ooh's and ahhh's.
There were lots of kitties out and about.
Even iris blooming in October....this one was on the way to our B & B and was so perfect we thought it was not real until closer inspection.
This beautiful house and foliage was directly across from our B & B. LOVE IT!
The leaves crunched under our feet and softly fell on us as we walked. Magical.

Excuse the squirrel mania....runs in the family
After a delicious nap, we were ready for dessert and more wonderful conversation....a perfect Thanksgiving, and so much to be very grateful for indeed. We had an early evening to bed in preparation for our last day in the morning we would go with Margaret to Elora - a very sweet town about a 30 minute drive through Mennonite farm country. You will love it....I'd been there many times before on previous visits with all my sisters, and could not wait to go back and see it on a lovely Fall day.


One Woman's Journey said...

Thank you for allowing to continue traveling with you.
I am having a wonderful time!!

Anonymous said...

The trees are just beautiful!! wow! Really enjoyed your walk! I haven't seen black squirrels for years! We don't have but gray and red here. Your dinner table looked so pretty, what a beatuiful chandilear (sp). I love Thanksgiving. Am anxious to meet Betty. She sounds like a little Hussey. lol. I'm sure she's very ...debbie