Thursday, October 28, 2010

Felinus Interruptus

This just in from Ms G:

I thought this was my blog....enough is enough about Canada and those other cats. Brenda better watch out for my ferociousness!
No, I am not going to make eye contact! You've been neglecting me way too much! Leaving me with others while you are off galavanting with my man is not acceptable.
I could climb up those curtains....that would certainly get someone's attention, wouldn't it??
I'm gearing up to terrorize you for Halloween!
PS....Where are those pictures of my new bathroom? You could show everyone how you took away my dark and dank vanity. I had mastered the art of opening the door and hiding out in there with all those old bottles of stuff, now it is all gone! These living conditions are just unacceptable. Would someone please rescue me??


Anonymous said...

I believe Ms Graysea is have a kitty temper tantrum. Poor Baby! She did look like she was giving thought to climbing those curtains! lol Guess you and LM better stay home for a bit till she gets her nose back in place! I bet she'd give Betty a run for her money in the snippy department! lol...debbie

Linda said...

Ms G, shame on you. You know there is no way you're going to leave your LM. I think you're spoiled and it shows. Now let's see pictures of the better side of you. Climbing the curtains might get you thrown out and you wouldn't like that.