Friday, January 15, 2010


As I left Teddy last night after having lots of fun and sharing a lovely homemade beef stew, his very proud daddy's last words were, "So now you know, if you are feeling down, you can come here and spend time with this beautiful boy and you will not be sad anymore." So sweet! So true!

Alison has weeded out Teddy's "too many" toys to just a few in a small corner of the family room and he is so happy to just sit there and play, focusing really well on one thing at a time. As you can see, his furry friend, Sting, is never far.
Face-off! He's really walking well now and able to move VERY quickly.
Love that face! At the time he was trying to figure out how to scale that table to get at my water bottle and other things.
Mowing the lawn!
Oh, what a joy

LM did very well at the State House testifying before the legislature yesterday. Time will tell if the long day there was worth. It seemed the majority of our local representatives were not in favor of the bill to limit striped bass fishing. Made LM very happy.
This morning he is having a very thorough stress test. I'll be on the edge until I hear how it went.
We are looking forward to a nice but busier than usual weekend. We will see friends for lunch in N. Truro tomorrow, and hope to see Sam and Trish sometime Sunday or Monday. Trish continues to be sick from the constant head pain.

Wishing everyone a lovely long weekend.
It still seems so mundane to be writing about my silly life here when so much suffering is happening in Haiti (and other places, for that matter). I've reached the point where all I can do is use some creative visualization and see them happy, and recovered and at peace, and maybe more peaceful than they have ever been.

Happy Weekend!


Poppy said...

Teddy is growing so big and strong! He is adorable and I'm sure he brings great joy to your heart.

Fingers crossed that LM's testimony will help achieve the turn out he desires.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at Teddy up and walking around! Time flies! Guess Sting is in for a surprise and will have to "be on guard"! Hopeful that LM's testimony will work in his/their favor. Keeping Trish in my prayers. Cannot they do something for her headaches? Hoping you have a great weekend with your LM and Ms G...debbie

Julie said...

I love that in every family picture you post there is a furry friend! Glad to hear LM is feeling a bit better, and that you have such joy with your grandchildren.


Kittie Howard said...

Teddy's growing fast, going to be tall! And what a beautiful child, love his rosey cheeks! Happy LM continues to recover...I went thru that battery of stress tests some years ago (have really low blood pressure) and they weren't all that bad...actually, it was a good feeling walking out, kinda like when I get my car's oil changed (and etc)...had more confidence in my body (like in car). Enjoy your weekend!!

Jerri said...

Sending prayers for LM's tests and health.

I started to write that you can't know how much your comment means to me, but after a moment's reflection, perhaps you do know exactly that. In any case, thank you from the bottom of my fearful little heart.

Anonymous said...

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