Monday, January 11, 2010


After a perfectly delightful weekend with my wonderful LM, I was having a great day at work, relishing the busyness of Monday, until he called me at 3:30 to say he was having heart attack symptoms and was on the way to the ER! All day he had been on the road swapping a car for the local Honda dealer but began to have pain. With his history of a major cardiac arrest and subsequent quadruple by-pass 2 years ago, he was taking no chances by ignoring the pain. DEJA VU consumed me. I quickly left work, heart in my throat, and got to the hospital within 35 minutes. Tonight he has been admitted and is on all sorts of monitors. Hopefully, they will find nothing. There is a chance it could be related to a nerve issue in his cervical spine. Tomorrow morning they will do a stress test and he will see his cardiologist. Leaving him tonight was one of the hardest things I have ever done. Knowing how sick I have been, he is insisting that I try to rest to further my recovery. There he was, worrying more about me! Pure LM.
I'm focusing on the positive and working on some things he needed tended. The timing is bad as he was scheduled to do the most fun thing tomorrow morning and make an appearance on the local radio talk show for an hour. He is so sad to miss it.

In other news, a very dear friend of mine fell through the ice on a local pond on Saturday while trying to rescue her dogs who had run out to chase some birds. Laurie barely survived. Tonight they are all recovering but it was nearly a tragedy. WHEW.

Off to bed, hoping sleep will come my way. I will be back tomorrow with good news, I promise!


Anonymous said...

Oh Dear!! Poor LM! What a shock that must have been and what terror as you made your way to the hospital. I will keep him in my prayers until you say he is ok! I am so glad your friend and dogs are ok and recovering. We have heard so many cases lately where kids, dogs, snow mobiles, have gone through the ice and were not as lucky as your friend. This cold weather is causing so much grief for so many people. PLease be careful!!! keep us up to date on LM...debbie

barbara said...

Good thoughts and prayers for LM. I hope that it proves to be nothing serious. This weather is so bitter cold, it does seem to complicate life. Hugs, Barbara

Poppy said...

As soon as I saw the title of this post I got a lump in my throat. I'm so sorry LM is in the hospital, but grateful he is doing well. He is in the best place for him at this time and my hope is that they find the answer for his pain quickly.

Don't you forget to take care of yourself during this trying time! You'll be of no use to LM if you go down!

If you ever want to talk, I'm here. I'd be glad to be a shoulder for you.

**Also thank God your friend, Laurie, is ok! What a scare!

Many, many hugs to you, my friend.

One Woman's Journey said...

Prayers sent your way!!!

Beverly said...

oh, I have not read up in awhile....I hope by now LM is doing better and that his heart is ok....I will remember you both in my prayers....