Thursday, January 21, 2010


Oh, my, I have been neglecting this blog. No excuses.....just driving on some side roads these days. Traveling at a slower pace as I deal with some health problems. I'm having an endoscopy tomorrow to diagnose the source of some serious upper abdominal pain, and other symptoms. On a daily basis, I am not at full speed, so hopefully, the test can explain why. The diverticulitis is quieter now, but the upper GI pain has not abated, along with a chronic cough.

LM's stress test was normal and he is doing really well. We've been in a very nice and introspective place in our relationship since the dust of the holidays settled. Happy times! It seems like I've almost been on autopilot and we find ourselves having very quiet weekends at his house, watching movies, talking and contemplating the great beauty and amusing quirky nature of Ms G. Speaking of the little minx, she is about to have her world rocked. She will have to be captured and brought back to my house for awhile, along with her beloved LM, because we are having a contractor come in to gut out "their" bathroom and build them a brand new beauty. We've been having fun making our selections and are just now awaiting the pricing before we move forward.

Otherwise, life is very simple and just what it needs to be right now.
I'll fill you in on the test results when I can. LM will take me tomorrow and then bring me back to his house to recover.
Hoping this finds everyone happy and healthy!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear! I'm sorry your having so much trouble and hope they find what ever is causing you so much pain and misery. Will keep you in my prayers. A new bathroom huh!! I'm having my vanity and sink put in Saturday. I can't wait! It looks much better in there already! Take Care, Hello to LM and Ms G...debbie

Kittie Howard said...

When I read your description of discomfort, I thought I was hearing Alice, a neighbor...she described exactly how you feel, had the same test and discovered she had a hernia. The doc pushed it aside and a couple of days later she felt good as new, in fact, she just took the auto train to Orlando. So, sending you very positive thoughts and prayers for the same peaceful outcome...and for LM...and Ms G will be purring a mile a minute in her new digs! Hugs!

Poppy said...

How on earth did I miss this post? Sorry!

I hope you're feeling better and that your tests have provided some answers.

Don't worry...when I do whatever it is I'm going to end up doing to my ARE coming with me ;)

Hope all is well.

*Oh and I'm happy to hear LM's tests were normal. I know that makes a less stressed and much happier you :)

barbara said...

First, I'm very glad LM's stress test was normal. That must be reassuring for both of you. But I am sorry to hear that you are having abdominal pain. I hope they can find the source and treat it. I'm sorry Ms. Graysea will have to undergo the upheaval of a move, but I suspect as long as LM and you are near, she will settle down quickly. A newly remodeled bathroom sounds lovely, but not, I suppose, if you are a cat? Most cats do not like water! Best, Barbara

Julie said...

So glad for the update and the mostly great news. I was getting very worried.
Prayers for you and hope a solution is found.


Cape Cod Kitty said...

Thanks everyone for all the cring thoughts. I am at the office awaiting the time to go for the test. No food or water since last night. EEEEK!
Ms G LOVES water and the bathroom. She is often on the edge of the tub during my shower and the second the water shuts off she hops in to play. Crazy girl! The new custom shower will have a built-in seat (just for her, of course).

Julie said...

My cat too sits on the counter and when we turn the shower on she looks with amazement everytime! She refuses to drink from a dish, it must be from our bathroom sink. They rule our world don't they? Or should I say we live in theirs!


Julie said...
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