Thursday, December 3, 2009

Need I Say More?

Life is good at chez LM and Ms G.........That blanket on which she made a little nest Sunday morning, is the softest, of course. We were in the process of making the bed but that had to stop for the duration of her highness's nap.
From her favorite vantage point she can see what is happening in most every direction on the first floor.

From brother, Sam's cell phone comes this photo of Bob......he's certain that he is half his size and somehow can insinuate himself into the smallest places. A lot to be said for positive thinking, huh?
The morning after that picture was taken of Bob, he and his, "Mom," Trish, teamed up to corner and capture a flying squirrel who had somehow worked his way into the master bedroom! Bob is a busy boy!

Last night, LM came over for dinner and we worked out a survival plan for Christmas. We were both concerned about keeping the celebration very low key, finding time to be with those we love, all while having time for us to continue the development of our life together after a year which brought incredible changes, grief and abundance to both our lives. We want to begin new traditions for us, for our children, and bring Christmas into LM's new home. This weekend we will begin some decorating. I think we've got the spirit!! We are keeping gifts as simple and as homemade as possible.
May you have peace in your spirit, as well!!


Julie said...

What a wonderful post, I just loved reading it on this windy and rainy morning on Cape Cod.
I love the kitty pictures and of course hearing that things are going so well for you and LM as the year comes to a close. Blessings always!


Anonymous said...

Ms G looks very comfy and it appears she was there for the duration! Loved Bob's photo! He must be a real character. Grumpy Ernie has been jumping up and sitting with me in the evenings while I'm on my computer. Never has he done that in his 13 years. But I like it! He purrs and I type.
I like the idea of simple Christmas. Make things a lot easier and spending it together will complete the warmth of the holiday, despite the nasty weather! Merry Christmas! HO ho HO...debbie