Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving, but first "For Kristi Part 2"

I promised Kristi last night that I would post this photo taken on the last day of our recent trip. We stayed the last night in Ramsey, NJ with longtime friends of LM and Kristi. Chris, on the left, and Mara on the right next to Kristi. Chris drives the bus, was home for her morning break, and to see us off on the last leg of our drive back to Cape Cod. You are awesome Kristi! Oh what a wonderful 4 days off and celebration of Thanksgiving! I'd been wondering if the approach and celebrations of the holidays would trigger the grief which has been dancing around in my soul for the past 9 months, but with the exception of a brief private tearful moment with my nephew, Danny, the day was delightful. Having baby Teddy and little Samantha present added such lightness and laughter. LM by my side, attentive and loving, as always, was my dessert!
Brother, Sam and SIL, Trish, welcomed us warmly to their lovely home, as the scent of Thanksgiving promised a delicious repast and celebration of all we have.
The table, set beautifully by Trish.

Dinner time nears as Trish and Sam apply the finishing touches.
Daughter, Sara and son, Jason, help the cousins, Samantha and Teddy to greet each other, and, below, DIL, Alison and Samantha share a hug. Baby Teddy gets a lesson in how to climb stairs from his cousin, Danny!! Wish I could share the sounds of GLEE coming from BT as he was allowed to negotiate those stairs. It was hilarious.
Children bring so much joy and comic relief. It was such a lovely day.

I am still completely friustrated by Blogger. For the last month or so, I am unable to put photos in sequence or to move them within a post. ANNOYING, to say the least.
Hoping everyone else had a lovely Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

Looks as if you had a wonderful thanksgiving. Am so glad Kristi had a wonderful time. I bet she will remember it forever. I am trying to get dressed and get some shopping done, but am trying to get this foxfire change over down...doing better. I figured out if I made "MY AOL my home page again things sorta straightened out themselves. Somethings are still a puzzle - but I'm getting there...debbie

One Woman's Journey said...

I feel your joy - on this rainy afternoon in Tennessee. Family time is wonderful!!

Kittie Howard said...

Your blog made me smile, even on this dreary, rainy night...oh, the joy of family is soooo're very blessed!