Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's the Little Surprises that Count

Thursday morning, UPDATE on TRISH: This is what she has: Spontaneous Spinal Cerebrospinal Fluid Leaks and Intracranial Hypotension
and it will require a procedure to stop the leak. There are several ways but she is waiting for an MRI to confirm before anything can be done. She has to remain in the hospital as she cannot sit up. Lots of prayers and positive thoughts are forthcoming, and we all hope this will be resolved soon.

Meanwhile, anadama bread (molasses and cornmeal) is rising in my kitchen, the car is just about packed, and at noon, I will leave work to begin the festivities. Tonight LM and I will have dinner with baby Teddy and his parents. I love the magic of Christmas Eve. May it be beautiful for one and all. Tomorrow we will see Samantha and her parents, and also have a lovely quiet day to ourselves in which we plan to reflect on the many blessings we have.

As you all know, I frequently go to the Lighthouse Beach to savor the beauty of the sea, as well as eat my lunch. The cat napper, aka, LM, always calls me on my lunch hour, so yesterday, with the sun beaming on my face, several seagulls perched nearby hoping for crumbs, we were chatting away and discussing our plans for the holiday. All of a sudden the passenger door of my car is approached and opened, and into the car comes my wonderful man. Just typical of the sweet things he does. Of course, I am sure he was here in the Village doing some last minute shopping, but it was such a treat to have him by my side for 25 minutes or so.

On a more serious note, my brother, Sam's wife, Trish(aka as Bob the cats Mom) has been in the hospital since early Monday, very sick with severe head pain. So far, a diagnosis has eluded the doctors and we are hoping for news soon. It was first thought to be a migraine but we still do not know the real cause. We wait, pray and send her all our love. I am sure she wants to be at home, especially with Christmas so near.
We all love you very much, Trish.


Poppy said...

How sweet of LM to surprise you like that :)

So sorry to hear about Trish. Here's hoping she is pain free and home very soon.

Merry Day Before Christmas to you ~

Anonymous said...

I have immediately put Trish in my prayers. I feel so badly for her and all her family. I hope all goes well and that they can repair the leak without any complications.
Hoping God will give her the strentgh to come through any procedures and the Doctors the skill to get her well.

So sweet of LM to come see you!! I guess he brought his own dessert to

Mona, have a wonderful Christmas Eve and a Super Christmas with your family! God Bless you and your family. Drive with care! MERRY CHRISTMAS MY FRIEND!!!

Anonymous said...

have no idea where that came from ...please forgive...eeek...

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Thank you for all the prayers and wishes....

Debbie, you made me laugh...not to worry...I barely know what my name is anyway!! Yes, LM is so sweet....he is always dessert.
A peace has descended on me and Christmas is welcome. The dread and missing Dad has morphed into this peace and I am very grateful. Most certainly a gift.
Thanks my friends. I will be away from the computer until Sunday.
Hugs and Love....