Monday, December 7, 2009


Oh my, Christmas is coming quickly. I cannot seem to find time to put two coherent thoughts together. There are many posts in my head.....still more of the interesting adventures from our trip, and Christmas memories, but there is a lot in the way of the quietness needed to write. Missing Dad (and Mum) makes a noise in my soul that disrupts all other thinking, and there is a numbness that seems to be divinely designed to fly me over Christmas. Sort of like Santa, I'll look down on the lights, bring everyone a little present, cook several nice meals, and then retreat to the company of my very closest loved ones.

Tomorrow brings my company Christmas party at Wequassett Inn. It will be very lovely, I am sure. LM will come with me this year. The numbness finds me even incapable of dreading the party as I usually dread social events. I will just be there and maybe even enjoy it despite myself.
Weather promises to be VERY cold so the pretty knee length outfit I planned to wear may just be put aside for velvet pants and a warm sweater.
Saturday is baby Teddy's first birthday party. BT is enough to make the coldest soul glow with warmth and happiness. Daughter, Anne will be arriving from FL and we will help Alison with the cooking for the party. She has not met BT yet and I know she will fall immediately in love. LM and Kristi will join the fun as well. These days, BT's daddy, Jason, often calls me in the evening, so I can hear the shrieks of happiness which BT frequently lets out. JOY! Having Samantha and Teddy together again will create some more beautiful memories. There will be lots of other little cousins there so it will be a noisy and joyful day! The party theme is Teddy Bears and Alison is creating a teddy bear cake.
Stay tuned for party pictures and I am wishing all my blog friends a lovely Christmas season and maybe even some snow to soften the landscape and set the mood!


Anonymous said...

Happy First Birthday dear little Teddy! I bet his party will be wonderful. They are so much fun at that age AND, you will get to see all your kids and their kids! That should lift your soul to the heavens!! Your party will be fun and having LM there this year will make it even better!! This winter storm is really pretty nasty! Our temps have dropped from 61 to 26 in less than 12 hours. I think we are to get a little snow. Aaaaah, winter is bringing Santa in with a Bang!! Merry Christmas! ...debbie

Kittie Howard said...

Yes, I too have a little "noise in my soul" perfectly you said it...about parents Not Here...but there is also so much Joy in your life...Happy First Birthday to Teddy...and I hope you have fun at the Christmas party...we had a bit of snow here in Virginia, then rain, then sunshine, now it's cold...we're going to New Hampshire for the holidays so we'll surely see your snow. Hugs!

Poppy said...

A noise in your soul...what a perfect analogy. My soul is screaming! heh

Sorry I haven't been a very good blog friend these days. I'm hoping that 2010 puts me on a much happier path.

Hope your party was enjoyable. Sounds like you have a lot of festive occasions to look forward to!