Friday, December 11, 2009

I'm Finally Convinced!

Short and attitude, demeanor and self-esteem are directly related to how my hair comes out on any given day. It's a good hair day, tonight is the company Christmas party, and LM will be by my side!!!!! MMMMMMMMMM.
A good hair day to all of you, my friends, from a very chilly Cape Cod.


Anonymous said...

You my fine friend are right on!! If yer having a bad hair day, NOTHING goes right!! You feel ugly, fat, frumpy and miserable, and you find yourself shrinking from people looking at you. You want to hide, go back to bed and cry....May your Holiday be filled with supurb hair days!!! Have a great time at your Christmas Party. You can't have anything BUT a good time with a good hair day AND LM!!! Merry Christmas!!...debbie

Poppy said...

I hear you on the good hair day! I absolutely feel downtrodden if my hair is a mess.

Have fun tonight and you and LM keep each other nice and warm :)