Friday, November 20, 2009

Pix from the Road....Day 1

I've been trying to post photos for days but Blogger has been most uncooperative.
We drove in the moonlight for a number of hours as we set out on the road. Beautiful!
Crossing the Hudson River at Newburgh, NY
Kristi got a kick out of all these pigeons lined up on a light pole.
Our first rest stop, just over the PA border.

LM and Kristi having a walk

Not so interesting, really, but Ms K will be reading this and I promised!
I feel like I am finally catching up with myself, and have just come home after spending a lovely evening last night and day today with LM and Ms G....she sends her regards but says she likes where she is very much, that opinion is definitely swayed by the fact that she is having constant attention and loving, not to mention all the treats she wants. I don't stand a chance!
I have so much to catch up on here and will do it as I can. Lots to do before the holiday. We will be having dinner with my brother, Sam and family and my daughter, Sara and family, and son, Jason and family will join us as well.
What will you be cooking?? You know me, I am always curious about what other people are cooking and eating.
Last butnot least....the wonderful car which took us almost 3700 miles!! VW Routan.


Anonymous said...

Hey, who's Honda is that? Looks like mine only mine is silver. Has the same wheels! What a great car!! Great Gas Milage!! I can never cross the Hudson River without thinking about when we were kids crossing the bridge. I'd always get on the floor for fear of falling in or getting a flat tire. Scared me to death. I meant to ask..Did you get a chance to start the book? just wondering how you liked it if you did...debbie

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Hi Debbie,
I am midway through the book and so enthralled. What a sweet story! I think of you everytime I pick up the book!

Poppy said...

Sorry for being a slacker! Lovely photos!

We'll be dining on turkey made by the hubby, scalloped potatoes and sweet potatoes from my mother in laws kitchen, dressing, gravy, a veg or two and some lovely brown bread. Oh and of course pumpkin pie and apple pie. I'm trying to talk Courtney into baking them.

Hope you have a wonderful day!