Wednesday, November 4, 2009


After departing home exactly on time at 3 am this morning, we had a great day's drive to Front Royal, VA, where we are now resting at a Hampton Inn and preparing to go to bed early. For the first 2 hours of our trip we were in the most beautiful moonlight and as morning began to arrive we had a brilliant sunrise and the moon lighting the late Fall foliage along our way.
I slept a lot during the day as I was too excited to get any sleep last night.
Kristi is thoroughly enjoying all the sights along the way. It was interesting to hear her response to various places she saw for the first time. We saw lots of cows, horses and deer, as well as turkey vultures. Driving through West central PA we saw lots of coal operations and power plants. As we got lower in the state the countryside became a quilt of spectacular farms, many of which looked Amish. Golden trees everywhere, bringing a glow to every glance.

We had a lovely stop in Falling Water, West VA and we had a picnic lunch in the car while being entertained by many dog walkers. Fun!

LM and I are missing MS G but I am sure she slept the day away in a spot of sun.

Time to sit a bit and knit and get ready for tomorrow when we will begin our tour of the Skyline Dr and Blue Ridge Parkway.

The blues were still hugging my brain a bit today but I really felt healed by being on the road with LM and seeing such breathtaking beauty along the way.

To be continued......


Anonymous said...

Holy Smokes! When you said yesterday it was 13 hours, I thought to my gotta be kidding...3 am? And so it was!! Glad your first leg was good. I would imagine that Kristi is just going Bonkers with all the different sites! How wonderfu for her!! You will love the Blue Ridge Parkway, but I bet the leaves will be gone. Hope not! Drive safe and tell LM and Kristi Hello!...debbie

Beverly said...

Have fun...wish I were there too....