Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Home Again

Yesterday afternoon just after 3 pm......the Bourne Bridge provided us a lovely welcome back to Cape Cod. We'd spent Monday night in Ramsey, NJ with friends and got on the road at 11 am. By 4:30 pm we had the car completely unpacked, Kristi home to Centerville and we were in awe of all we experienced and ready to sit down over dinner and unwind, we both found ourselves hurrying, though, as we could not wait to get back to LM's house to reconnect with Ms. G. In the past when I have left her, she has given me the royal snub upon my return, but it was not 10 minutes after we sat in the living room last night that she appeared with a flourish of chirps and purrs and displays of profuse love.....we were both in tears. Sitting down also made me realize that I was REALLY tired and better hit the road to my house. Saying good-bye to LM after two weeks of being next to each other every minute, was pretty painful. This trip with Kristi, brought us to a new level in our love, and it made parting full of sweet sorrow. The need for sleep superceded it all and I was home in a flash and never so happy to be in the comfort of my own bed. With a heart and mind full of gratitude and beautiful images, I drifted off to sleep, missing LM's presence, but happy knowing he was home in his comfy bed cuddled with Ms G.
There are so many wonderful pictures to share and promise to get them up as soon as possible. Right now, it is so nice to have a day off to put everything away, take a walk, and get some groceries. Road food has caught up with me and I cannot wait to acquire some beautiful greens, veggies and fruit to get back on a healthier eating path.
The new header photo was taken on a dock at Chincoteague, VA on the last evening of our stay there, Nov 15. It is a beautiful magical place which was recently devastated by the tropical storm, Ida. As we toured there, we saw humanity at its best, recovering and resilient, going on with life after losing so much. We were very inspired, and happy we didn't cancel that part of our trip due to the storm.


Kittie Howard said...

Welcome back! And thank you for your postings while traveling. Really enjoyed them. Love your new header...happy to hear Mrs. G. had happy purrrrrs...(only cat lovers understand that high priority :)

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Thanks, nice to be home.LM and I are on the phone a lot this morning wishing we were back on the road, yet, it seems right to be settling back in.
I am actually excited about returning to work tomorrow to see all my friends!

Poppy said...

Welcome Home. Your header photo is beautiful and I eagerly await your other pictures from your trip.

And it is true...there is no place like home. John and I had a wonderful trip to Utah but it was so good to be home, in our own bed. And yeah, road food is great for a bit but then you want REAL food.

Have yourself a good dinner and invite LM over :)

One Woman's Journey said...
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One Woman's Journey said...

Welcome Home - Your new header is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Your BACK! Welcome Home! I imagined hearing those little chirps from Ms Grasea and know she was glad to see the both of you!! It is nice to sleep in your own bed after 2 weeks...and it's nice to be able to sit with a cup of tea or coffee and reflect over the last two weeks. Gives one a feeling of peace. I'm sure your office can't wait to hear all about your trip. I myself can't wait to see some of your pictures. Glad your back Marcia!!...debbie