Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Observing Veterans' Day Florida Style

Our incredible vacation continues here at Anne's house in FL. Two more days before we hit the road again. Yesterday's venture to Orlando and our swim with dolphins was just amazing. Kristi's dream came true, and then some. We all swam with the largest dolphin at Discovery Cove, Capricorn. Effects from hurricane Ida were supposed to cause t-storms and rain all day, but by some wonderful happenstance, we had sunshine and perfect temperatures. The heavy rain and wind did come, but not until we were safely back at Anne's and could sleep to the sound of the rain. Heaven!

It's Veteran's Day today and surprisingly, Florida students do not have the day off, they go to school and participate in a special day-long program of education about the service all veterans have given to our country through the years. There are commemorations in local parks, all attended by students. Really a wonderful program. Given the day off, students would most likely be at the mall or playing computer games. This way, Veterans' Day is what it is all about.

Today is a day of rest and maybe visiting Anne's office to meet her co-workers, with a little shopping thrown in, and tonight we will take Anne and David out to dinner to thank them for their incredibly generosity during our visit.
Tomorrow is the day we take Kristi to Busch Gardens in Tampa. She can hardly contain her excitement. Us, too! White tigers, alligators, fun rides, etc await.

Friday we will be on the road again until Tues, Nov 17. Along the way back we will stay in North Carolina, see the Outer Banks, and spend several days in Chincoteague, VA, and see the wild ponies.

A lovely sojourn so far!


Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful! I can't even imagine how Kristi felt swimming with the Dolphins! What a great experience for her and she will go nuts at Bush Gardens! So who is going to ride the roller coasters with her?? you or The rest of your trip sounds so nice. Know you will have a ball. Drive safe!...debbie

Poppy said...

Sounds like you're having a wonderful trip! So glad that things are falling into cooperating, dreams coming true. What more can one ask for?

Enjoy Busch Gardens. Last time I was there I was 8 months pregnant for my youngest. By the end of the day I was walking on legs that looked like tree stumps! I'll wager you'll all fare better than that :)

Kittie Howard said...

Swimming with the dolphins...fabulous!!! Really like that Veteran's Day program for kids...wish we had something like that in Virginia; kids just go to the mall or hang out, not good...take your time driving's rain, rain, and more rain...some flooding in Va., check travel updates...I-95 thru D.C. is okay (but very congested and slow); Va. Beach area has flooding problems...but we've lived there, you can circumvent...

Jennifer said...

Glad the rain held off for you. Good luck on the trip home. Should be clearing.

Jeff- in the Berkshires said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful trip.

The ponies of Chincoteague are really cool. Good traveling on the rest of your adventure.


Lorene said...

Glad you are having such a great time and good weather! We had a blast in DC, lots of pix on my facebook if your bored :-)

Who has Ms Graysea? Jason & Alison?