Sunday, May 4, 2008

Shining Through and Lucky Kittens

The past few days here have been cold, dark and rainy, yet so many nice things have happened that it feels like the sun is shining brightly. So many nice things have been happening.
For starters, my daughter, Anne and husband, David who live in Ocala, FL, rescued these two tiny kittens from the side of the road a few days ago. They have been cleaned up, nourished and loved and are living in a cottage on Anne and David's property to avoid transmitting disease to their sweet cats Bella and Tig. Anne's goal is to find homes for these two sweet babies. This photo was taken right after they were rescued so they look a bit scared but within minutes they were playing, adapting to a litter box and eating. Lucky little ones. David would like to keep them but Anne thinks 4 cats is too many. Time will tell! A & D have such loving hearts!

For years, my sisters and I (4 of us) have wanted to plan a reunion....last one was 1991 in, thanks to the checks recently sent to stimulate the economy and the generosity of LM, I have a ticket to go to Seattle on August 19 and at least 3 of the sisters will be together in a place I have always dreamed of seeing. Now over the next 3.5 months, I will await the trip with delicious anticipation.

On Friday evening, my son Jason and his wife, Alison, who are expecting their first baby after many years of trying, went to have the first ultrasound done and this morning I heard the delightful reports of seeing the baby's feet! They have decided not to learn the gender until birth. Alison has some morning sickness but is doing very well otherwise. Joy, joy...and finally the little baby clothing I have had secreted away will be put to use.

At long last, LM and I had 24 hours of peaceful together time this weekend and it was heavenly. The dialogue about what has happened to our relationship, especially to LM, continues to yield more settled feelings and acknowledgments of how our love has matured. Saying good-bye is easier, and we both now feel strong as we go our separate ways to fulfill our regular life chores and interests. We laughed a lot!!!

This morning I left the Cape early to do errands and to visit Dad. It was a lovely day, despite torrential rain and darkness. Lunch with Dad at his assisted living residence was delicious and we shared lively and interesting conversation. His long life is such a gift to my family and especially to me today. Often, I leave him feeling sad but today I was filled with the zest for life which he exudes. He was having a little nap as I left, but would soon wake to attend a lively piano concert. He's setting such a good example by being fully engaged in life!

Another highlight of my weekend, was a trip to my local consignment shop. I've always been a believer in recycling nice clothes and often take things to consign and earn credit to use when I need it. My Spring/Summer wardrobe is sorely lacking so while LM worked on preparing a presentation he was to give today (with Ms G tucked right in close, by the way), I stepped out to see if there were some new items with "my name on them". My intuition served me well as I walked in the door to see a perfect Eileen Fisher outfit waiting just for me...and it now hangs in my closet and will be a great asset this summer and many to come. It is a lovely shade of purple, in that beautiful soft Fisher linen. Her clothes are really cut to flatter women and endure timelessly. The dress is a simple below the knee a-line shift and the jacket has a sweet mandarin collar.
So, a happy weekend all around....great conversations with family and friends, time to myself, perfect quality time with LM and a happy heart......I hope everyone else had the same!
Come back tomorrow evening as I have some lovely "walk around Chatham" pictures to post.


sher said...

It's so hard to resist kittens when they're at that adorable puffy fur stage. Laura looked like a stuffed toy when I got her. Now she is getting sleek.

Sweet little babies. It's heartbreaking that little ones like that are often homeless. I'm so happy these two found kind people to help them.

Anonymous said...

Oh-those adorable kittens! Hard to resist.....I hope they go (maybe together?) to happy homes-or maybe they will stay put! Both of my cats were rescued-oh the stories they tell! I love reading about your visits with your Dad. And now a visit with your sisters! So much to look forward to! Just a feel good post today and a wonderful start to my day. By the way, there isn't a consignment store I don't enjoy picking through....or a thrift store for treasures! Happy Monday to you all....Ann NY/CC